Liz’s Review~White Knuckles (Lost Kings MC #7) ~ by Autumn Jones Lake



“Sorry, you can’t shake me off that easily, wrecking ball.”


White Knuckles is the seventh book in the Lost King Series. Each book in this series dives deeper into the complex world of the LOKI MC and in each book I fall more in love with these unique characters. The blend of romance, action, and the twisted plot makes this series one of my favorite MC Series of all time. This series should be read in order so that you will fully understand and appreciate the unique character relationships and the complete story arc.


“We’re going to have so many ups and downs in our life, Wyatt. I’ll be right by your side for every single one.”

White Knuckles picks up soon after the last book in the series More Than Miles. Wrath and Trinity are in the final stages of their wedding planning and spending time together is their primary goal. Wrath is more than ready to make Trinity his. Trinity has been through so much emotionally that this time with Wrath is critical to admonish any doubts she has left. As the crazy characters of the MC weave in and out of the story, we catch up with Murphy, Heidi, and Alexa. Rock and Hope, the King and Queen of the club, continue to offer leadership, love, and support to their LOKI family. Teller, sigh, is still struggling with the physical repercussions from his accident and the emotional aftermath. The family is pulling together and living life and yet, evil is lurking in the shadows.


“I cup her neck and lean down to press my mouth against hers, kissing her like a starving man. I groan at the taste of her. So good.”

Wrath wants to spend the last few days before the wedding to strengthen his connection with Trinity in every possible way. He takes her on a pre-wedding trip to a cabin. While smoking hot passion transpires, the two are drawn closer together, and both Trinity and Wrath realize the strength in their love for each other. However, when the club is threatened Wrath and Trinity are put in the direct line of fire. With ten days before the wedding, will they make it to the alter so that they can say I do?


“There’s no other way to separate who I am from the things I do. Trinity’s my peace. She’s not supposed to be mixed up in this. I’m supposed to keep my woman safe.”

Told in mostly dual POV, White Knuckles is another stunning addition to the LOKI series. The passion between Wrath and Trinity transcends everything, and some unchartered territory is deliciously and thoroughly explored! This author always takes time to develop the characters and their relationships are quite complex. In White Knuckles, I felt an even closer connection with Wrath and Trinity (if that’s even possible) while experiencing every single moment of this special time they had together. The love and loyalty between the men and women is the driving theme in this series, and the natural writing style makes the characters believable and endearing. I can only describe my time reading the LOKI Series as coming home.


White Knuckles is an absolute must read for fans of the LOKI and MC Romance Fans everywhere. The romance, action, and passion will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire read. I could not be more excited about what is to come with this unforgettable group of characters. If Autumn Jones Lake is writing, my Kindle and I are ready and standing by for more! Bravo Ms. Lake! Bravo!

***Lost Kings MC***
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*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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