Liz’s Review~Dirty~by Scott Hildreth


“Then, one after another, the angels came.”


Dirty is the third book in the Filthy Fuckers Series. Gritty, raw, broken, beautiful, and alive or just a few words that I can use to describe the emotions evoked while reading this book! Like an orchestra tuning before a grand performance, the text is like music notes bending and blending, clashing and forming together to create a heady crescendo and decrescendo of sound that will continue to resonate long after the last note is played.


“Dear fucking God.”

Lex is a Spunky young woman making a quick stop at the 7-11 near her home in California. In one life-changing moment, she finds herself abducted, terrorized, tortured, and gang-raped. Broken by evil, she clings to the hope that she will survive. She is not the only woman who has been taken and acts as a fortress of protection to the women in her group. When she is rescued, it is not by the sounds of sirens and men in blue, but it is the sound of rumbling bikes and the sight of a cavalry of biker brothers who rescue the group of women and bring them safely home. After her rescue, Lex remains resilient, and yet, she is in desperate need of healing. Through her time in therapy and the rehabilitation of her soul Cholo, her rescuer is never far from her mind.


“When he thinks of living life without me, I want him to get scared and confused.”

Cholo, a half Hispanic half Irish biker, was just doing the right thing. A fighter, and a proud womanizer he never expected for his life to be changed forever by one single event. One woman acts as a catalyst who makes everything change in his world forever. As Cholo and Lex form a friendship, it is evident that there is a connection beyond anything they could have ever imagined. Amidst the violence that surrounds them, and the people trying to keep them apart, can they ever find a way to just be?


“I had no idea where I was headed with Alexandra, but wherever it was, I was going to make sure getting there caused her no harm.”

Told in dual POV, Dirty if by far my absolute favorite Hildreth book to date. The natural writing style is addictive due to its commitment to detail and authenticity of each and every moment. The characters are complex as they develop and grow (both individually and together) through the circumstances in their lives. The Brotherhood remains strong with each biker maintaining their own individual personality and quirks. The consistency in the characterization in the series further forges the connections between the characters and make each and every moment count. The variation of characters in this story is vast with plenty of moments for laughter, tears, and some serious swooning! Love them or hate them these characters are real people and “are who they are” and make no apologies for their convictions, emotions, or actions. The pacing is intense as the stakes are high for Lex and Cholo to overcome their adversaries. In addition to the action and suspense taking place in the plot, the romance and sexual intimacy between Lex and Cholo was beyond perfection. Every moment blends seamlessly into the next as the story develops.


Dirty is a stunning addition to the Filthy Fuckers Series, and although it certainly can be enjoyed as a stand-alone, I highly recommend filling your Kindle up with these bad boys! Be forewarned the action in Dirty is gruesome, and the content could certainly be a trigger for sensitive readers. I for one applaud Mr. Hildreth for once again pushing the boundaries and giving 100 percent commitment to his characters by delivering a realistic, raw, romantic and action packed story that once read will never be forgotten. I thoroughly enjoy this MC Series and cannot wait to see what happens next! With Mr. Hildreth at the reigns, your guess is as good as mine!

Hard (Filthy F*ckers MC, #1) by Scott HildrethRough (Filthy F*ckers MC, #2) by Scott HildrethDIRTY (Biker MC Romance Book 3) by Scott Hildreth

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