Liz’s Review~Love in Lingerie~by Alessandra Torre


“To Marks. And to bonding with coworkers.”


Love in Lingerie is a light and delicious stand-alone. This contemporary romance offers a blend of friends to lovers and office romance with an overlay flavor of intrigue!


“If our relationship was lingerie, it’d be fur-lined handcuffs, latched around you, the key lost, escape impossible.”

Kate Martin is determined to make a name for herself. When a prestigious position opens up as creative designer at Marks Lingerie, she is focused on landing the job. When she interviews for the position, she is instantly attracted to the owner of the business Trey Marks. Trey is quite enamored by Kate and hires her. In desperate need of saving his company, Trey will do anything to keep his hands off of Kate so that she can keep her head in the game.


“If our love was lingerie, it would never come off.”

Trey and Kate share an easy friendship that continues to develop over work lunches, extravagant trips, and lingerie fittings. The sexual tension between the two is percolating, and although it is abundantly clear that they are meant to be together, Trey continues to push Kate away, and Kate continues to allow herself to be pushed. Will these friends be able to move into the lovers zone and final quench their thirst for each other?


“I just want to tell you that I love you.”

Told in dual POV, Love in Lingerie is sure to please romance fans who enjoy a slow burn friends to lovers romance. The pacing is quick with short chapters and an overabundance of sexual tension riding on the line. I thoroughly enjoyed the scenic locations that Kate and Trey visited while the lingerie company flourished. While I was desperately waiting for these two to come together, I appreciated the friendship they shared. Alessandra Torre knows how to steam up the pages on my Kindle, and she certainly did not disappoint when the moment finally arrived for these two to find their way!


Overall, Love in Lingerie is a light and sexy treat for contemporary romance fans. I admired Kate’s professional drive, and Trey is one confident and sexy boss that any girl would love to work for!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!

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