Liz’s Review~Worth the Wait (McKinney/Walker, #1) ~ by Claudia Connor


~4.5 STARS~

“I don’t mind giving you time, but you need to know, I’m not stepping away.”


Worth the Wait is the first book in the McKinney/Walker Series. This series is a spin-off of Claudia Connor’s The McKinney Series. Although you can enjoy this delicious treat as a stand-alone, I highly recommend reading the McKinney Series first so that you can fully understand the dynamics of these characters and the relationships they share.


“Maybe there’s too much between us. Too much time and hurt.”

Nick McKinney lost his parents in a fatal accident during his college years. While his friends were partying it up in the frat house, he was caring for his younger siblings. Through the difficulties of single parenthood and creating a future for himself, he met a young pre-med student named Mia. Mia and Nick became college sweethearts and fell madly in love with each other. Mia secured a place for herself in the family, but then something horrible happened, and it rips them apart.


“That was the problem. Their past was muddy, dirty. Bloody.”

Years later, Mia and Nick are both still single. Nick is filling the void with all of the women he can, pouring himself into his siblings, and his career. Although Mia is thriving professionally, personally her life is empty. When Mia and Nick’s paths cross once again, it seems natural for them to fall back in sync with one another. And yet, the pain that had once torn them apart still lingers. Can Nick prove his worth to Mia and soothe her broken heart?


“I’ve got you. I’m here.”

Told in dual POV, Worth the Wait is a tender second chance romance that will certainly make you swoon, cry, laugh, and love. There is a perfect balance of romance and steam. The characters are complex, and the relationships are thoroughly developed and endearing. The pacing is steady, and the circumstances were unique. Ms. Connor certainly knows how to write a strong hero and the driving theme of family is by far my favorite element of the series. With each installment, I fall more in love with these characters and catching glimpses of their future interactions only make me love them even more. With Nick and Mia, I felt slightly frustrated with the amount of time it took for them to finally get things right (Nick sure knows how to make a mess of things), but when they finally came together, it was indeed “worth the wait.”


Worth the Wait is another stunning addition to the McKinney family, and with the introduction of the Walker siblings, I am certain there will be more greatness to follow. I am certainly looking forward to more!!!!!

***McKinney/Walker Series***
Worth the Wait (McKinney/Walker, #1) by Claudia Connor

*ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review!


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