5★★★★★EPIC stars

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual

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“All we really want is to feel that we matter-that we’re seen, that we’re heard.”


Rodel (Ro) Emerson; received the worse call of her life and in that call she truly thought her like ended but it was only the beginning. She took the flight to Tanzania and there in Africa she meets unforgettable people that crosses her life and she would never be the same again. At only twenty four years old Ro was scared of changes; growing up traveling with her parents all she dreamed about what to settle down. Her sister was complete opposite; she craved the adventure and making new memories.

Jack Warden; had his life in Africa. All he has ever known is the farm and his legacy. After a tragedy so deep he didn’t care anymore until he meets Ro. She somehow helped him healed and sees the world in a different way. Everything he thought he never would do; soon thought It could be possible.


Two people from different worlds; connected by the tragedy; a different kind of pain for each but same kind of loss. They never in a million years thought that destiny would put them together but their loss brought them together. Once they found that connection they both never had before it was so hard to turn away from it. The chemistry was electric, it was freaking EPIC. Their journey was absolutely incredible. Lots of action, lots of feels, lots of funny moments, this book has it all.

“I caught a glimpse of his soul. So many pieces of him had been fed to the lions. And as dark and bitter as it had turned him, he was a gladiator for standing where I would have surely fallen.”

This book was a complete and utterly incredible ride. It is a journey you do not want to miss. Everything I look for in a book for was here. The emotional feels, laughter I mean I seriously laughed so damn hard, butterflies they were making me all fuzzy inside, smoking, hot sexy scenes. There was nothing I hated about this book at all. I absolutely fell in love with the hero and the heroine they were both badass and stubborn and incredible amazing together. The side characters had me dying laughing so hard too they were just hilarious. This story was so unique packed with action and so much feels with just perfection. Don’t get me started on the EPILOGUE HOLY shit, that Epilogue was WOW like anything I’ve ever read before, it left me breathless and at the same time complete. My heart hurts but is in a good way the story was just so powerful and it made it my first full five stars book of 2017.

“I knew that whenever I thought of love, it would have a face, a name, a voice. And I would hear its heart beating from inside a tent in the wilds of Africa.”



Release: January 31, 2017
Shh (F)BR with my Shhluts:

Book Order: Stand-alone
Mists of the Serengeti by Leylah Attar



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