CC’s Review ~ Love in Lingerie by Alessandra Torre

3.5 Stars


Kate Martin is hired as the Creative Director to save Marks Lingerie. Having such an opportunity is dream come true for Kate, but working directly under her new sexy boss may be more of a distraction that she could have imagined.

“According to industry rumors, he’s never been married, fucks like an animal, and has a mouth like my shower massager.”

Trey Marks is a playboy with a sinful smirk and gorgeous bod who believes monogamy is not for him but saving his company becomes priority one. Working with Kate becomes a constant test of restraint for Trey, as his company has a strict non-fraternization policy.

“In five minutes, I could make her mine. In ten minutes, she’d be calling me her god.”

As time passes, it becomes clear that Trey and Kate work well together but their attraction is more than just professional colleagues. While Trey is quite open and flirtatious with Kate, she tries to maintain a certain decorum in the office and to keep her lustful feelings for him at bay but she can’t help but to compare all men to him.

“It’s strange, seeing him in this role, seeing the tenderness come through all of the layers of playboy. How he sweeps a loose tendril of her hair and tucks it into her braid.”

While Trey and Kate have many lust worthy moments, the chase is a long one yielding to obstacles along the way. When Trey finally reveals his hand, there’s no turning back for them yet Kate’s reaction isn’t exactly the one he had hoped. After realizing their mistakes and missed opportunities, Trey and Kate are more willing to embrace what they’ve known all along.

“Are you sure you want that? For me to well and truly fuck you?”

I admired Kate’s work ethic and Trey’s professional drive. Though, I still wanted Kate and Trey to take more tangible steps toward a romantic connection sooner. At times, the story felt choppy due to the passages of time and chapters that felt a bit too cursory; however, the overall tone was flirty, romantic with some moments of angst. My favorite moments were the comparisons between lingerie and life.

Love in Lingerie is about two people trying to succeed in love and life.

*This was a (F)BR with the Shhluts!



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