CC’s Review ~ Sugar Daddies by Jade West

4.25 Stars!


Katie Smith was raised by her single mother in a loving and nurturing environment. Never feeling like she was lacking in love or material goods, Katie learned to work hard for her successes despite being rejected by her father. But when she is presented with a financial problem, Katie is determined to save a place important to her heart and dreams.

“Now I want to live for me.”

Carl Brooks and Rick Warner are in a relationship but are two opposites; the former being exacting and the latter being easy-going. Though content in their lives, they are seeking a third person to complete their trio. After meeting Katie on, it’s time to see if Katie is all they dreamed she would be.

“And now that we’re all here, in the same room, is it still your fantasy? How about it, Katie, do we measure up to your fantasy?”

As Katie makes a commitment to Carl and Rick, it’s a means to an ends – extra money to secure her goal, but she is also honest about fulfilling her own sexual fantasies. From the start, Katie feels a connection with both men even if she’s a bit intimidated by Carl and his dominating presence. As they ease her into this relationship of double pleasure, it is nothing less than panty melting hot. While Carl and Rick are always ready to push stretch the limits, Katie isn’t a shrinking violet and is ready to receive everything they offer.

“…I want to be full of you, both of you … I want to be dripping… I want to be all filled up.”

In addition to many hot times, the plot is balanced and also concentrates on the complexities of Katie’s relationship with her father and finding her own way. Reading how Carl becomes an integral element in this transition, also adds depth to Carl’s past and relates to his own needs for a future with Katie and Carl. Coming full circle, Katie persevered and gained so much more than she expected.

“You have nobody doubting you, nobody trying to knock you down, or see you fail. The only person you have to prove anything to is you…”

Told in dual POV, it was insightful to understand the perspectives of Katie and Carl – the two more complex characters; however, Rick’s role in this book is equally vital to the progression of this threesome and his lovable ways warmed the pages. While there is no doubt that Jade is the Mistress of Kink, she also crafts multi-dimensional characters with compelling plotlines. For me, I always know I can immerse myself into her book and feel like I’ve known her characters all along. With narratives and dialogue that flows, it’s easy to relate to the range of emotions these characters feel. Oh, and I loved how the Carl and Rick were with Samson.

Sugar Daddies offers some smoking hot scenes but also renders a tender story about overcoming hurdles in order to become a stronger and better person. I highly recommend!




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