Liz’s Review~Mists of the Serengeti ~ by Leylah Attar


“Once in Africa, I kissed a king…”


Mists of the Serengeti is an epic love story that brings two broken people together in order to make each other whole again. With action, passion, tenderness, and beauty this story has left me completely awestruck. Set in Africa amidst a world of chaos and quiet beauty, we find that we are all connected in a unique and extraordinary way.


“We don’t always understand the things we do. We just do them and hope we’ll feel better.”

Rodel Emerson is a young teacher who is living a happy life. When she is in the middle of purchasing a new home and feeling hopeful about putting down her roots, she receives a call that will change her life forever. In one moment, her life is shaken, and she decides to make the journey to Africa to find some semblance of peace. Jack Warden, a farmer in Tanzania, is also experiencing a significant loss. Desperate to be left alone in his misery, it is the introduction to Rodel that begins to break down his walls. Once their paths are crossed, they come together on a mission that has the potential to save lives.


“We were both feeling guilty for it because desire has no place at grief’s table, and yet, there it was, sitting between us like a shameless, uninvited guest.”

As Jack and Rodel venture out into the African countryside, they face many adversaries. Africa is beautiful. Africa is violent. Africa becomes everything. The friendship between Jack and Rodel blossoms and quietly transitions into so much more. After experiencing so much loss, it seems a betrayal for them to find a sliver of happiness in each other. When their mission comes to an end, will Jack and Rodel find a way to be together or will Rodel return home and leave Africa (and her heart) behind?


“His mouth moved wildly over mine, his tongue exploring the recesses of my mouth, as if I had stolen a piece of him, and he wanted it back.”

Told in dual POV, Mists of the Serengeti is an absolute masterpiece. The lyrical writing style of Ms. Attar flows naturally and is full of vibrant colors. The characters are complex, and their circumstances make the stakes high for each of them to find solace and peace in the chaos of this world. The real life connections only further enhance the impact of this story because the events and circumstances are in fact parallel to actual events and circumstances taking place in Africa today. Jack and Rodel share such an intimate and beautiful connection, and because it follows such horrific losses for them both, it makes their relationship even more precious. The supporting characters offer comedic relief with their dynamic presence and witty dialogue. There were countless moments in the book when I found myself highlighting, re-reading, and re-living each second because I could not get enough! In short, this is truly so much more than a romance novel as the message is so clearly and eloquently delivered. We are all connected in a special and unique way. Life sometimes moves in a direction we least expect. We will face losses, but even in those moments, there is beauty and love.


If there is only one book that you read this year, it should be Mists of the Serengeti. Although I have attempted to share a glimpse into its greatness through this review, the truth is everyone should experience this epic romance. This journey to Africa is one that I will simply never forget! Leylah Attar is an author who takes the time to develop each and every moment and delivers it to her readers with expert care and precision. If you haven’t checked out her work, you need to!!!! You will be so glad that you did!

***This was a BR with my Shh… Sistas!


*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review! Thank you Leylah!



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