Liz’s Review~ Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Two (King, #6) ~ by T.M. Frazier


“I’m going to get my fucking girl.”


Preppy is back! This is the second installment in The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, and it brings back the entire crew of characters with all of the Frazier action, intrigue, and raw passion that we have all become addicted too!


“I have nightmares all the time. You know what’s the only thing that makes them go away? You.”

Preppy is a hero like no other and now that he is “back,” he has to learn how to live again. Although he is surrounded by the love of his friends he is missing the one person in his life that brought him peace…Dre. Dre has returned to town to tie up loose ends but with Preppy in her space once again, it is doubtful that he is going to let her go again. Or will he?


“That’s it, bite me. Show me how much you want to scream.”

Preppy and Dre share a passionate and yet volatile relationship. When Preppy left Dre the first time, he broke her. Now that Preppy is back, he is struggling with learning how to live again. Dre is finally clean and sober and getting tangled up in Preppy might be the one thing that brings her back into her life of addiction and yet, is it possible that Preppy is the only drug that she needs to survive?


“The fullness was shredding me open on the inside in the most delicious way. Pain only led to pleasure, especially when Preppy spoke, his words fanning the flames of the fire that was already burning volcano hot.”

Told in dual POV, Preppy is an unforgettable character, and I will truly never get enough. I found the circumstances in this installment to be more intense because I feared that Preppy and Dre may not be able to overcome the distance and pain between them. Although the primary emphasis is on Preppy and Dre, the supporting characters continue to enhance the overall story as they act as an ensemble driving the action. The intimacy between Preppy and Dre is raw, rough, and so so sexy! Out of all of the characters in this series, I believe Preppy and Dre are my favorite due to the complex relationship they share. The story arc is well developed, and although I was quite frustrated with the amount of time it took for Preppy to make things right, I recognize that he remains true to his character and does everything in his own way and in his own time!


Preppy Part 2 is an absolute must read for T.M. fans or readers looking for a sexy hero with no impulse control and an overabundance of energy. I have long been a fan of T.M. Frazier’s work, and she just continues to amaze me with her crazy characters and the unforgettable world they live in. Be forewarned, there is a major cliffy in this one, but thankfully Preppy Part 3 is already in the works!

***King Series***
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*ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review!




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