CC’s Review ~ Drowning by Marni Mann and Gia Riley

4 Stars!!  


Andi Harper is a gentle-hearted woman caught in an abusive relationship. Fearing for her life, she takes a giant step forward to leave that environment. While on the run, she meets someone who shows kindness but Andi needs honesty in order to find her own truth.

“Though scared of her own shadow, she took each breath with purpose because she knew she might be robbed of her next one.”

Clay is a man on the run from his past. While trying to hide the best he can, he tries to find ways he can reveal the truth and regain his old life. Feeling like his fate is sealed, he is thrust into a situation where he can protect someone else and still feel like he has something to give.

“Now, as I sit here, about to morph into someone new, my biggest fear is letting her down.”

The circumstance that brings Andi and Clay together is unexpected but they find a commonality in their bond. Learning how to trust each other, they are able to gain new strength and hope. For Andi, she is trying to recover from physical and emotional pain and live with her constant fear but finding solace in Clay keeps her grounded. Despite Andi experiencing such abuse, she is still able to trust Clay and their mutual respect for each other leads deep attraction and sexual tension.

“I want to taste her wetness on my tongue, to feel it on my lips, to have it soak in my fucking beard.”

From the first page, the tension is high knowing what Andi and Clay are running from. Reading how Andi was treated stirred deep emotions and it made her healing so much more admirable. Knowing how she is willing to fight for herself and for Clay proved how forgiving and kind Andi’s character could be. The ever-looming doom Clay must face is omnipresent but when he given the choice to protect a loved one, he knows what his decision must be.

“Life doesn’t have to take one direct path toward happiness.”

Told in dual POV, the character dimensionality is clear and the paths they take feel natural and not rushed. In this collaboration between Marni Mann and Gia Riley, the narrative is seamless and the strength of each author is evident. The burdens these characters experience are heavy but they are balanced and ultimately yield to honesty, strength and love.

For those looking for a story full of action, emotion, friendship and love, I highly recommend Drowning!



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