ARC/LOYDA’S REVIEW~BANE (Memphis #1) by D H Sidebottom



4★★★★ stars

Genre: Romantic Thriller
Type: Book 1 of Memphis series
POV: First Person – Dual

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“How fucked up were we all? My family was fucking insane, every single one of us.”

Milly Evans; finally found a job she loved and a person who cared for her. Her past comes crashing back and it destroyed all of the happiness she had accomplished.

“The darkness reflected back at me seized my breath, the blaze in his stare evaporating the oxygen and causing me to suck in a gasp.”

Rik Bane best friend disappeared when they were twelve or so. Now he is older, wiser, and smarter he would not give up on looking for her until he finds her.

“I searched the fucking earth for you. You were my best friend, and you just upped and fucking left.”

When Rik and Milly meet the intensity of their relationship was static. I loved the mysterious ways of Rik and his security aroma. Everything about him speaks power. Milly couldn’t stand that they have grown up to be so different but so much alike as well.


This book was nothing what I expected and yet I enjoyed it because I liked the dark elements in the book and really liked Rik and Milly. The protectiveness of Rik and the badass attitude of Milly drew me into this story. There was so much craziness on this book though I felt like I couldn’t keep up. I did found myself really confused at times. I couldn’t seem to understand some side characters or why they were even in the book haha. At the end I thought perhaps I missed some of the answers and found myself with more questions. I hope that the next book will provide more answers to my questions and that the madness will continue.

Readers who enjoy dark suspense books and are not afraid to venture on this genre will really enjoy this book.


This was a Buddy read with my shhluts CC & War



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