CC’s Review ~ Taking Turns by J.A. Huss

4 Stars! 


Marcella “Chella” Walcott is a gallery manager searching to fulfill her darkest and most suppressed fantasy. Believing she’s found a way to make it happen, she’s thrust into a dynamic that has many rules but the temptation is just too much to resist despite her own trepidations.

“We’re all dirty here. Be dirty with us, Chella…”

In addition to Chella, there are three other deviant players in this game of lust: Smith Baldwin the eccentric philanthropist, Elias “Bric” Bricman the logical dominant and Quin Foster the warm and fuzzy marketing executive. These men have been friends for some time and share a common bond in their need for certain sexual activities. Each has his own role to play so there can be more than one winner.

“It’s carnal, and sensual, and erotic… That’s all it is. A small trip into the dark.”

As Chella agrees to be a player, the rules are slowly revealed and she realizes just how complicated it might be. Taking turns with Smith, Quin and Bric, she learns more about each of them and their own sexual proclivities. While feeling like she is a part of them, the attraction builds as it is leading to the big moment where they all come together as a whole.

“Then let’s do it,” I say, kissing her softly again. “Put them both in your mouth, Chella. Suck them. At the same time.”

What ensues between these four daring people is alluring, sexy and mysterious. However, there are questions that remain concerning the one person who brought these four characters together. As the foursome dynamic starts to shift, it becomes clear one of these dashing men have true feelings for Chella. While he lives by his own rules, he learns that some rules are meant to be broken. But it takes more than one person to break free in order to fully move forward.

“If you want to go dark, then don’t take a light, right?”

As soon as I started reading Taking Turns, I remembered how easily she weaves a web where anything can happen at any moment! At times, it felt like the story was emitting synapses filled with electricity and other times, I was anxiously waiting for that pulsing connection. The premise is certainly intriguing and the alternating perspectives between these four characters created a voice for each one, but I was hoping to get a little more about these mysterious men. As the plot pivots in a certain direction, I was interested to see how it would translate outside of the quartet. With the ending, the plot is fairly resolved (not leaving a huge cliffy) but more answers are to be revealed in the second book in this series.

Overall, I enjoyed the lusty moments and the originality of this story. For those interested in taking a dip into the kinky pool, I recommend Taking Turns.

The Turning Series is a duet:
1.  Taking Turns   2. Turning Back



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