Liz’s Review~Body of the Crime~by R. Scarlett


“Sometimes we can’t help how we feel; sometimes we’re cursed to be drawn to the wrong people.”


Body of the Crime is the second book in the Blackest Gold Series. With a hypnotic blend of demons, passion, romance, and intrigue, the stakes are high for Molly and the dark and deadly Tensley.


“He destroyed her, and she still loved him. How cursed she was.”

Body of the Crime picks up after Vein of Love. Molly and Tensley are engaged and an arrangement has been set. Although Tensley and Molly are growing closer together, Tensley is hesitant to trust her after her brutal betrayal.


“If you really cared for me, if you really wanted me, you’d fight for me. For us.”

Molly is desperate for Tensely to mark her and make her his but with his demon brethren constantly getting in their way, it seems as though the deed will never be done. As both Molly and Tensley continue to wage an emotional and physical war, there is no question that they will find their way together. But when life or death is on the line, is love worth it?


“She kissed him back, bleeding her entire being into him, because this was goodbye for now.”

Told in dual POV, Body of the Crime is like taking a trip down the rabbit hole. The dark and delicious setting of this world will certainly keep your heart pumping because no one is safe. Tensley is my favorite flavor of hero with his dark and twisted emotions constantly warring with his desire to love Molly. Molly is young and still learning how to use her powers, and yet, she is certainly a force to be reckoned with. As each moment passes, the stakes become higher for Tensley and Molly. The supporting characters enhance the story greatly with their quirky personalities, and I thoroughly enjoyed becoming more entrenched in this fantastical world. This is certainly not an insta-love story as Molly and Tensley have been forced on each other and must learn how to cope. I am desperate for these two to overcome their foes and finally be free to be together. There were moments when I wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall when it seemed they wouldn’t be able to “get over themselves” and realize that they are meant to be, and yet, I have faith in Ms. Scarlett that she will ensure that Tensley and Molly will become unstoppable.


Overall, I highly recommend Body of the Crime to paranormal romance fans who lust after dark heroes. This slow burn romance is full of passion, and the complex plot is only just beginning! Be forewarned, the cliffhanger is deadly in this one but certainly worth the fall! I cannot wait to find out what happens next!!!!

***Blackest Gold Series***

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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