CC’s Review ~ Thanos (Masters Among Monsters, #3) by Ella Frank

3.75 Stars!


Thanos Agapiou is the first sired vampire of the Ancient, Eton. During their centuries together, they’ve shared a tumultuous relationship fueled by a dark side. While they have been a source of salvation for each other at times, Eton is no longer able to pierce Thanos’ reclusive shield. During this torment, the beast within Eton lurks and the one person who could keep this demon at bay is no longer willing to give himself.

“You will be mine to protect and mine to fight beside. We will carry each other when one’s burden is too heavy. And if your blood is ever spilled, I will be the one to avenge it.”

Despite how much Eton and Thanos struggle, there are larger forces at play manipulating the game. As the ongoing plot of curses and fate continues, the Greek gods Apollo, Artemis and Hades have summoned a trio of humans to bring forth their wishes of exterminating the entire vampire species. Until now, the third human’s purpose was unknown but as he is recognized to be Paris Antoniou, the key to it all rests with his connection to Thanos and Eton.

“Everything is changing. We are changing, and I wonder how that can possibly end with any of us remaining the same.”

With Eton’s demon on the loose, the remaining Ancients, Vasilios and Diomêdês, and their first sired progeny, Alasdair and Isadora, try to save Eton and Thanos while also trying to determine how they can protect themselves against the will of the gods. The chosen humans, Leonidas, Elias and Paris, all play a pivotal role as to how the story unfolds and they all question whether their fate has been foretold.

“Don’t you see? You are our destruction – but for me, you will be my salvation.”

In this book, I was hoping to read much more about the trials and tribulations of Thanos, Eton and Paris, as these three have a powerful dark side that could have been explored with a deeper intensity. Perhaps, that was a purposeful choice by the author given certain elements, but it still would have elevated the character development of Thanos and Paris equal to their counterparts. Having really enjoyed the entire series, the ending felt rushed given the sacrifice and complexity of events but maybe the reader is meant to feel the shift as suddenly as the characters.

From the beginning, the pace is swift with a well-choreographed cast of characters that offer layers of dimension to a unique and intelligent story combining the paranormal and Greek mythology. Ultimately, the Masters Among Monsters series delivers a compelling tale about compassion, sacrifice and salvation and delves into the age-old question of whether fate can be altered. I recommend to those who wish to escape into a world where anything can happen.

Masters Among Masters series:

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