Liz’s Review~Becoming Mrs. Lockwood~by K.I. Lynn


“I was overcome with him, with feeling him inside me. Each time he slammed into me, all my worries flew away.”


Becoming Mrs. Lockwood is the latest and greatest by K. I. Lynn! This contemporary romance offers a blend of forbidden romance, Hollywood glam, passion, tenderness, and an intricate plot all wrapped up in a modern fairy tale.


“Baby girl, I want you so badly.”

Wren Bradford is an ordinary girl on a vacation with her mom in Vegas. Despite her best efforts to enjoy the strip, she spends most of her time hanging in the hotel Starbucks while her mom is gambling. When she meets an attractive older man she thinks she is in for a magical night, little did she know her life was about to be forever changed.


“Our chemistry was undeniable. My body craved him. Even with the pain, I wanted to consume him and be consumed by him.”

When Wren Bradford wakes up, she is no longer Wren Bradford but instead Wren Lockwood. She and the dashing Weston ended their night of fun with a drunk “I do”! Even though Wren is only a senior in HS, she is 18, and therefore the nuptials are 100 percent legal and binding. Although an annulment would seem to make the most sense, Wren and Weston have an attraction to each other, and they decide to give their marriage a go. Weston takes Wren home to his Hollywood home and Wren is thrust into a world like she has never experienced before. It turns out Weston is a well-known Hollywood producer and former actor and his new “child bride” is sure to bring scandal when the word gets out. Weston and Wren decide to keep their marriage under the radar until they get to know each other better but when the pressures of the paparazzi, ex-flings, friends, and family all collide it will take more than physical chemistry to bring these two through the fire. Thankfully Weston and Wren share a unique bond and although their love may need time to grow it is unique and lasting.


“There in Weston’s arms, I knew where I was meant to be. I wanted to give him his dream.”

Told in dual POV, Becoming Mrs. Lockwood is absolute perfection. The setting is picturesque and full of intrigue with the contrast of the Hollywood glam clashing with the ordinary world of an all-American girl. Weston and Wren are everything forbidden with their age difference, their different lifestyles and different upbringings and watching these two come together was like watching a modern fairy tale magically unfold on a big screen. The sexual chemistry between the two was off the charts, and Weston’s broody alpha-male antics were nothing short of intoxicating. Wren, albeit young, was smart, sassy, and quite talented. I loved the way she connected with Weston’s brother and fit perfectly into his world. Together Weston and Wren made each other complete. I am not normally a fan of the forbidden romance trope, and yet, I found the characters actions to be entertaining and endearing and the unique plot twists kept me entertained the entire read. I loved reading this book so much I have already gone back to re-read my favorite parts.


Overall, I cannot recommend Becoming Mrs. Lockwood enough. This complicated story is full of tenderness, sexy steam, and unforgettable moments of bliss. Weston and Wren are two fantastic characters that you are going to want to meet! I only hope that Ms. Lynn will give us more from this world because I will never get enough!

*ARC won on the Shh.. Holiday GIVEAWAY! Thank you K.I. Lynn and thank you Shh…!




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