Liz’s Review~Odium IV~by Claire C. Riley


“You can’t be alone forever.”


The Dead Saga is back with a bang and Odium IV certainly delivers a powerful punch! The fourth book in the saga brings us back to Mikey and his quest to survive sans Nina. The anticipation is so intense that I could barely contain my excitement with each turn of the page.


“In a world like this, you get attached to people quickly. It can’t be helped; it’s just nature because you never know when people will be snatched away from you.”

Nina has run back into the blazing inferno in order to get revenge. Mikey is left with a little boy and the hilarious, crazy pants. Although his heart is breaking, he wastes no time taking off into the big bad zombie world to find safety for himself and his motley crew. It doesn’t take long for Mikey to find himself surrounded by an unknown people and more known zombies.


“A little sin of the flesh isn’t hurtful if you intent to follow it through.”

Mikey finds a new community to make his home. Desperate for Nina, he struggles with thoughts of moving on. Mistakes are made, and some blunders cannot be undone. With Nina gone, what motivation does Mikey have to stay alive?


“It’s not enough, it’s too long, it’s all of the above.”

Told in mostly Mikey’s POV, Odium IV is another home run for Claire C. Riley. With the threat of Nina being gone, the threat is real for Mikey to find comfort in another’s arms. Wouldn’t you like for me to tell you if he does? Too bad! You are going to have to discover the truth for yourself. In addition to the main conflict, the action in this installment is off the chart. The undead continues to overtake the earth, and with death on the line, there is no one you can trust.


Overall, I highly recommend Odium IV to any reader who likes horror, grit, and non-stop action. The complex plot in this series just continues to develop and sweep me in. The love I have for Mikey and Nina only continues to grow and has infected my heart and soul. I am truly captivated by this world, and the questions just continue to grow. How did this happen? Will Mikey survive? Will I survive when this is over? My only hope is that I can manage to hang on until the next book is released!!!!! To Ms. Riley I say, BRING IT!!!! I am beyond ready for more!

***The Dead Saga***

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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