Liz’s Review~Triumph~by Cecilia London


“Be fearless, my love.”


Triumph is an epic and unforgettable series. The Bellator Saga is a six-book journey riddled with pain, passion, joy, fear, strength, and every single emotion in between. In this final slice of heaven, Caroline and Jack come together, and as the plot comes full circle they are forced to face their adversaries and take back their lives and America!


“We love our country. We want to see it restored.”

When we last saw Caroline and Jack, they had finally found peace together after the torment and pain that had been inflicted on them. To be together, separated, together but apart, and now finally together in a world that is broken, their work is only just beginning. Caroline has decided to testify to attract attention and gain assistance from the world to take down the rogue President Santos and his evil regime. While interrogating an enemy, it is revealed that perhaps her children could still be alive. That single piece of hope drives Caroline to cling to Jack and persevere a little longer in order to overcome.


“I love you, Caroline. So goddamn much I can’t even wrap my head around it.”

Jack is desperate to bring Caroline safely back to a place where they can live and love and just be happy. He knows their work is not done. Before they can ride off into the sunset, they must continue the fight until they win or die trying.


“I wanted to remind you before it got too intense and you forgot. Keep your legs open.”

Told in mostly dual POV, Triumph is utter perfection. The complex characters and their intricate relationships are displayed with precision and tenderness as each moment of the story unfolds. Caroline has been through such an extreme transformation throughout this series so, in the end, there is nothing left but awe and raw inspiration. Jack is her true counterpart displaying strength and love for his “sweetheart.” The passion between the two continues to flourish and grow, and this ending installment only made me fall in love with them that much more. In addition to Jack and Caroline, the secondary characters continue to play an integral role in the plot. Specifically, Christine, Caroline’s dear friend! It was quite an extra treat to bear witness to her journey and the way she has been affected by everything. With so many endearing characters, which have been through so much, this is one epic series that I will never forget.


Overall, The Bellator Saga is a truly magnificent series for contemporary romance fans looking for an epic love story with passion, angst, drama, and intrigue. The characters are complex, the passion and suspense drive the action throughout each moment of this journey. With a slight dystopian overtone and an unbelievable love story, Triumph is a truly spectacular ending to this unforgettable story. All I can say after reading this series is God bless America, be fearless, and when all else fails, what would JACK and CAROLINE DO?! As I finish this final review for this series, I cannot help but feel emotional about saying goodbye to these characters that have become like family to me. I am truly grateful to Ms. London for writing such a breathtaking series. Bravo Ms. London, bravo!


Trailer for Triumph…

***Bellator Saga***

*This is a BR with my girl MYLA!


*ARC graciously provided via the author in exchange for an honest review!



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