Liz’s Review~Singe~by Aly Martinez


“Heal me, Jude.”


Singe is the first in the Guardian Protection Series. Aly Martinez makes her mark once again with this intense contemporary romance. With a heady blend of action, Singe offers a complex plot full of multiple twists and turn and smoking hot passion at its best.


“Our bodies rolled together, a fluid rhythm the likes of waves joining in the sea. My every push, she met with a pull. And, each time I’d slide out, she’d welcome me back in.”

Jude is a hardworking police officer who takes a call one night that will change his life forever. With the physical and emotional scars branding his body, he has never forgotten the girl who now haunts his dreams. Despite his best efforts to start his life over and attempt to forget her, fate has other plans.


“The last few weeks with her had been an awakening, and not just from the years after the fire. But in my entire life. Consuming me positively and negatively, physically and mentally.”

Rhion never forget the man who saved her life. With plenty of money, friends, and a successful profession, she has managed to create a safe place for herself. When Jude is thrust back into her life again, she takes the opportunity to thank him and shower him with love. While he is like her dream, she reminds him of a nightmare. When love and passion collide, Jude and his beautiful broken butterfly must find a way to overcome the demons of their past and find happiness and joy in their future.


“Love rarely makes a man smile. Especially if said man is me and he has to deal with a crazy woman like you. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t burn the world down for you. Extinguish and entire species. And then place their ashes at your feet if it meant you’d smile.”

Told in dual POV, Singe is a unique read with a very intricate plot. The circumstances are extreme, and the characters are forced into intense situations which warrant extreme responses. Rhion is by far the stand-out character for me in this read. I found her exuberance for life to be addictive, and her character exudes radiance. When considering the heartbreak she has faced, she is an absolute inspiration. Jude is a good match for Rhion, and although he wasn’t my favorite hero, there were certainly moments that he commanded that took my breath away. In real Martinez style, the writing is absolute perfection. With smooth dialogue, and concrete character relationships the stakes are high for these characters to find their way. The action was intense, and although I found certain elements to be slightly over the top, everything was so well developed with 100 percent commitment that I believed in the love between Jude and Rhion and desperately wanted them to find their HEA. What is most exciting about this first installment is the introduction of the entire Guardian Protection family. With so many colorful characters, I have no doubt there will be many more amazing stories of this hot bunch to come!


I highly recommend Singe to Contemporary Romance fans who appreciate a second chance romance, a story of overcoming, action, suspense, and plenty of steam. If Aly Martinez is writing, I am ready to read. When it comes to the characters of Guardian Protection, sign me up. I am ready for my bodyguard to report to duty!

*ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review!



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