Liz’s Review~DEFY~ by LJ SHEN


“Doing this was almost begging to get caught.”


Defy is by far the sexiest forbidden romance novella that has ever graced my Kindle. When instant attraction, lust, love, money, and power all combine into one unstoppable force, you know you are in for one unforgettable ride.


“I like the chase. You make me sweat somewhere besides a football field. Turns out…that’s the exercise I’ve been looking for.”

Melody Greene is a young teacher who has found herself in the heart of an affluent community full of sexually charged hot young men. Despite her best efforts to stay on the straight and narrow, she has attracted the attention of one of her students. Jaime Followhill is one of the infamous HotHoles. Jaime is no stranger to getting what he wants, and he wants Melody. When the teacher and student find themselves alone together, the lines are quickly blurred, and the attraction between them quickly transforms into a lasting love.


“It’s still forbidden.”

Told in dual POV, Defy is utter perfection. I thoroughly enjoyed the sexy banter between Melody and Jaime. The stakes are high as they fall more in love with each other. The supporting characters enhance the plot as the HotHoles establish their ruthless reputation at the school and in the community. Melody is a perfect match for Jaime. The teacher/student trope is not normally my favorite forbidden romance pick, and yet, I am completely captivated by the characters, conflicts, and every single passionate moment in Defy. I am so thoroughly in love with Jaime and Melody, and their romance is one that I will never forget! This novella is just one sweet taste of the plot, characters, and relationships in this series and I cannot wait for more of this world! With this author, more greatness is sure to follow!


Overall, Defy is an absolute must read for any contemporary romance lover who is in the mood for a fantastic forbidden romance. L.J. Shen is by far one of my favorite authors with her natural writing style, damaged heroes, and strong and sassy heroines, when she is writing, my Kindle and I are ready and waiting! Don’t waste another minute…read this sexy novella right now!!!!

***Sinners of Saint***

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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