Liz’s Review~Pucked Off (Pucked, #5) ~ by Helena Hunting


“You see the little redhead? She’s mine.”


Pucked Off is the fifth book in the Pucked Series by the fabulous Helena Hunting. There is truly no words to express the magnitude of my love for this series. The colorful characters, witty dialogue, complex plot, and undeniable steam intricately crafted in one beautiful package NEVER GETS OLD! Each and every NHL player and their girl have kept me entertained with every single turn of the page. Lance Romero, AKA Lance “Romance.” is one player I have been dying to get to know better. And as I expected, Pucked Off exceeded all my expectations tenfold, and I am happily PUCKED once again!


“I wanna deserve you.”

Lance is quite the player (both on the ice and in the bedroom). After trying to survive a scandalous affair with the team trainer Tash, Lance has been left hurting and alone. Watching all of his best friends and teammates pair off with the loves of their lives has only served as a painful reminder that he is never meant to be loved or give love. With Tash still trying to wreak havoc in his life, it seems as though Romance will never find a sliver of peace. But when an injury sends him straight to a massage therapist named Poppy, suddenly everything changes.


“Loving this man isn’t going to be easy, but I still want to try.”

Poppy couldn’t be more horrified to see Lance (her first crush) laid out on her table for a therapeutic massage. Her last interaction with Lance was less than stellar. When Lance doesn’t shy away from Poppy’s touch, it becomes evident that these two have a connection. Lance doesn’t quite remember Poppy and Poppy is afraid to reveal her identity to the hot hockey player! As the spark begins to flourish between the two, Lance and Poppy form a beautiful bond. The two spend time together and as each moment blends into the next the passion, romance, and friendship become an unstoppable force. Or is it? With Tash and the paparazzi ready to pounce on this new budding love, Poppy and Lance will need to find a way to hold on tight to each other and trust in their love.


“I hope your beaver is ready.”

Told in dual POV, Pucked Off is absolute perfection. Lance is complex with his sordid past and constant desire to isolate himself from intimacy. Poppy is a perfect match for our damaged hero. The fact that they have a history together only sweetens this plot that much more. The passion between Lance and Poppy is addictive, and I simply did not want this one to end. This installment of the series maintained the upbeat tempo, witty banter, and sexy steam that I have grown to love and yet, Pucked Off offered an additional richness with the complexities hidden in Lance’s past. In true PUCKED fashion, we get a happy dose of all of our favorite players and their girls! The relationships embedded in this series are unique as this hockey family is full of love for each other. The constant presence of loyalty, family, and friendship is just another reason I simply cannot stay away from this series.


Overal, Pucked Off is a must read! The Pucked Series is full of unforgettable characters, smoking hot steam, and a plot that continues to develop and grow with each book release. I don’t consider myself a huge sports romance fan and yet, I have been PUCKED from the very first word on the first page read! If you are looking for a sexy romance that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon, then look no further Lance, Poppy, and all of the Pucked characters are exactly what you need! I will simply never get enough!

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*ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review!



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