**ARC kindly provided via TRSOR PR in exchange for an honest review.**

OMGSH!!!! I absolutely loved this book. Dark and gritty, sexy and sweet. Ahh, Tijan hit all the right spots and that’s why she is one of my favorite authors. If she releases a book, you can guarantee I’m going to read it. She never disappoints!!!

I do suggest that you read Carter Reed and especially Carter Reed 2 before reading Cole. You learn a lot about Cole in the 2nd book of the Carter Reed Series!!! Just sayin’…& if you haven’t read the Carter Reed Series, then you are missing out. DO IT!!! DO IT NOW!!! It’s Fantastic!!!!

Cole Mauricio, head of the Mafia, powerful, sexy, mysterious and spellbinding. Growing up in a mafia family, and situations that were out of his control, consequently forced Cole into the dark world that he desperately didn’t want to be a part of.

Addison Bowman, grieving widow and best friend to Sia, living life just one day at a time. Until…she meets the infamous leader of the Mauricio family. Life is about to change for Addison.

 photo FotorCreated_12.jpg

The chemistry between Cole and Addison is indisputable. Tijan does a great job keeping the pace steady and not that ‘instant love’…Instant attraction by both parties…YES, but not instant love. The buildup was on point.

The entanglement of the characters and the simplicity was also on point.

I definitely recommend Cole…I do want to say this though without contradicting what I’ve already said..This is the reason it’s a 4 for me instead of 5. I really wanted to love Cole like I love Mason, Logan, Bryce, Jesse and Carter…he’s almost up to their level…just not quite there yet. I would have loved to have gotten to know Cole on deeper level. Something was missing for me there…not a bad thing…Just saying to be on the level of her other characters that I do love…I needed something more.

I give Cole 4 Crazie Stars!!!



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