4.5★★★★ stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual

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“Make a Fuss”


Preston Sawyer grew up in his father’s farm. He unlike his twin brother loved it and always knew that he will end up in the paths of his father carrying for their farm. Preston and Cole learned at an early age from their father that honor and hard work is the one way to live by. He was conflicted when he meets this young girl that he felt in love with; all he ever wanted was to protect her but when his brother wanted her too he needed to step aside and do the honorable thing he always thought he had to do.


“Everything that filled my soul was all around me-the land, the farm, my best friend and brother, and Annalia Del Valle. “


Annalia (Lia) Del Valle; always felt alone growing up in a poor environment with a mother that resented her and didn’t showed love towards her. She felt trapped all her life and her insecurities accumulated over time. She becomes good friends with the Sawyer brothers. They made her feel loved both in their own unique ways. Cole with make her laugh with his easy character and Preston with his intense stare will make her feel butterflies everywhere. Their relationships were different even though the boys were identical in looks.


“I wished so much to be someone different when I looked in the mirror. Someone other than the unwanted girl with the devil eyes who had caused my mama so much pain just by being born.”

This story was different for me; I have never read anything like it so I found it refreshing. In this book you’ll see about the reality that some people are injustice and prejudice about culture. Also, how young people make so many mistakes so easily for the lack of confidence, insecurities but also lack of knowledge when all they have ever knows is to respect others and don’t stand up for what you want you get push and pull until you can’t handle any more.

Honestly; at some point in this book I wanted to bitch slap Preston for not seeing what was going on sooner and just assuming. Also, Lia naïve I wanted to smack some senses into her as well. And Lia’s mother, even though I understand what she went through she had no right to raised Lia the way she did she is a mother I would be so happy slapping her until I can’t no more haha. Oh boy I have some anger issues LOL. Anyway, one character I absolutely loved was Rosa. She was a strong female that made this book a fantastic story I loved everything about her character.


Overall I really enjoyed this story, readers looking for second chance romance and are not afraid to read a different story about different cultures would find this book appealing.



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