Genre: Dark/Romantic Thriller
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual

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“Through her eyes I saw myself more clearly. And through her heart I’d learned to live again.”

Elliot McLoughlin met his soulmate at a very young age and they had a baby boy.  He became a soldier in order to support his family financially.  At his return he finds out his family was abducted. He promised himself he would do anything to find out what happened to them.  When he finally did, he now had a new promise to avenge their death and make whoever took them pay. Elliot no longer felt like he belongs he lived fourteen years with one goal and his heart was empty.

“I was prepared to rain down Hell’s fire on the men who were still within my sight.”


Maggie Crow was young and naïve. She grew up in a family of twisted killers however; she cared for them well mainly her father who in her eyes loved her and only did the things he did to protect her.  She learned from young age to keep secrets and be loyal to her love ones; even though deep down she knew the things she’s witnessed were not normal but she blocked them out of her head to survive.

This story was very interesting. It was intense and it kept me on the edge wanting more, I needed answers and I had to know how it ended. I feel conflicted I understand Maggie but some things I can’t forgive. I also understand Elliot and his hunger for revenge in fact I loved him for it. This book had so much emotion and there were so many disturbing scenes that I honestly loved.  Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot. Personally I feel this book is not for everyone; readers who like dark books and do not mind the dark side would really enjoy this book. This was my very first book by this author and I can tell you it most definitely would not be the last. 

“We were two people who’d endured evil, one for a lifetime and the other for a handful of years.”


This was a F(BR) with Shhluts CC & War



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