CC’s Review ~ Midnight Lily by Mia Sheridan

4.5 Stars!


Holden is professional athlete suffering from the death of his best friend. Not being able to recover, he turns to pills to numb the pain, but manages to lose hold of everything. Realizing his ways, he sets out to an isolated mountain lodge to reclaim his life unaware of the path waiting for him.

“I’d rather be someone simple, with a simple life, simple problems.”

Lily is an adventurous woman enjoying her stay in the mountains. During one of her hikes, she trails off and unexpectedly finds a troubled man. As she watches from a distance, Lily learns a little more about him but he isn’t about to just let her hide in the shadows.

“I want you just as you are. I just…I want you.”

As Lily and Holden forge a friendship, it becomes a time of discovery, trust and mutual attraction. Being patient and aware of his demons, Lily gives him the space he needs to heal in hopes that they can be together. For Holden, he clings to the strength and hope Lily gives him which makes him believe they will always find each other no matter how long it takes.

“She didn’t know it, but she had, by giving me a taste of peace, of happiness and comfort, I wanted those things. Craved them with an ache deep in my soul.”

What transpires is a story that focuses on two people battling their own ghosts and how they accept each other unconditionally despite knowing the difficulties that lay ahead. The emotional path these characters take is deeply felt, whether it involves their grief, loneliness, hope, sacrifice, acceptance and love. Told in dual POV, the reality of their lives is weighty and yet the affection they share transcends and leads to incredibly tender and loving moments.

“I wanted to be closer, to absorb all of him, to experience the shimmery feeling flowing through my veins for as long as possible.”

To say this book is full of twists and turn is an understatement. The author’s narrative ability is compelling and compassionate all the while intricately layering a complex story that unfolds at a steady pace. Part of me wanted a different life for Holden and Lily or just simply more; however, I am also comfortable with what they actually have. While reading, I had so many theories about the mysteries surrounding these characters, but it didn’t detract from the heart of the story in any way.

Ultimately, Midnight Lily is a uniquely crafted story that envelops the reader and makes one wander in possibilities. I definitely recommend to those who want to be intrigued and who are open to the unconventional.







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