CC’s ARC Review ~ Ripple Effect, Episode 3 by Keri Lake

5 Stars!!



Without interruption in the timeline, Dylan and Rip become ensnared in a larger web of deceit. Knowing there are greater forces at play, Rip initiates certain steps in anticipation of protecting what is his. As he and Dylan continue to get closer, they begin to reveal more about each other’s past, unified in pain, but Rip tries to insulate Dylan the best he can once his weakness is exposed.

“Everything he does is a confusing dance between dominance and reverence.  A wolf cloaked in soft lamb’s wool.”

In this episode, more is revealed about Dylan’s past and how she’s been programmed over the years to respond to abuse. However, Dylan finds solace with Rip despite his rough and impersonal persona. With Dylan piercing a part of Rip that he believed to be permanently closed, there’s no doubt about his feelings and cravings for Dylan. The sexual chemistry between these two is off the charts and Rip is sex on fire!


“How’s that feel, Bandit? Huh?” My fingers dig into her shins slung over my shoulders, my willpower on the verge of cracking as I bury myself deep, so fucking deep she’s got my head spinning. “This what you wanted?”


When certain figures in the chain of command advance, Rip is unsure of motivating factors and the end game but it puts he and Dylan on high alert. Without many choices, Rip must play the game until Dylan discovers a connection that she could have never imagined.

“Her broken pieces are hidden behind a fragile mask of normalcy that could crack at any moment.

In this third episode, the action is nonstop with varying factions vying for their rightful place. In addition, the sexual dynamic and intimacy between Rip and Dylan is scorching. From the beginning, I was waiting for a certain truth to be revealed and when it happened in this book, I absolutely loved the delivery and reaction. Rip continues to be a steamy, broody, possessive and protective character and it balances so well with Dylan’s humor, forthrightness and naivety at times.

In continuing this series, Keri Lake delivers such a captivating story with raw edginess, adrenaline charged pacing and characters that meld easily together. I highly recommend Ripple Effect!

Ripple Effect Series (must be read in order):
Ripple Effect Episode 1 (Ripple Effect, #1) by Keri Lake Ripple Effect Episode 2 (Ripple Effect, #2) by Keri Lake Ripple Effect Episode 3 (Ripple Effect, #3) by Keri Lake Ripple Effect Episode 4 (Ripple Effect, #4) by Keri Lake


Title: Ripple Effect, Episode 3

Author: Keri Lake

Genre: Erotic Romance Suspense

POV: Dual POV – First person



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