CC’s Review ~ Figure Eight by Calia Read

5 Stars!




Selah Kerrington is a 33 year-old elementary school teacher who returns home to care for her sick mother. Always having been a quiet and rather introspective person, Selah becomes aware of stares and hushed whispers strangers who observe the signs. In keeping her focus on her mother’s well-being, Selah tries to do the best she can as provider and protector from interlopers but she also has her own demons she is trying to keep at bay.

“There are very few places in the world where I feel comfortable. Places where I can really be myself.”

Being a creative person, Selah’s passion is reading and wants to be a writer. After establishing a connection with Jackson, another member on an online writing site, they agree to meet and form a friendship. The male attention is a welcomed distraction and it serves to curb Selah’s loneliness but as she begins to want more, it becomes more complicated.

“In the end we’re all made up of secrets.”

Adding to Selah’s stress is a neighbor who seems to be eerily aware of her activities. While she knows being more discreet is the obvious way to deter questions and onlookers, Selah is determined to get answers of her own and the path she takes is the one that feels right to her.

“The truth is a powerful thing. When it’s suppressed for such a long time and then suddenly set free, it doesn’t come quietly.”

From the first page, the tension slowly builds as questions arise and suspicions mount. With varying perspectives, the plot flows in such a way that purposefully jigs and jags yet remains steady and portentous. With Selah, her character is one that has many relatable elements, as she is a woman who wants balance in her life yet she feels the weight of her own emotions and fears. The main characters are just as convincing and each serve a purpose in Selah’s life and are intricately weaved into this taut and compelling narrative.

In starting this book, I wasn’t sure what to completely expect but it exceeded my expectations, as Calia Read successfully writes a convincing story in a truthful and challenging manner. For those seeking a story with a range of emotion, mystery, psychological elements and twists, I highly recommend Figure Eight.



Title: Figure Eight

Author: Calia Read

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

POV: Dual POV – First person, second person





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