Liz’s Review~Dark Protector ~ by Celia Aaron


“Death before dishonor.”


Dark Protector is a dark and delicious action-packed stand-alone by one of my go to authors Celia Aaron. Full of passion, desperation, and honor Conrad and Charlie’s tale is sure to please!


“When I’d made the mistake of letting someone in, I’d paid dearly for it.”

Charlie is a florist who has done her best to live a quiet life in her quiet corner of the earth. When her world is shaken by the sound of gunfire, Charlie is suddenly thrust into the world of mobsters, greed, death, and destruction.


“We kissed like we were ravenous for each other. What was left of my soul entwined with hers.”

Conrad was born to kill. He is a man who was meant to live in the dark and kill. A contract assassin, he has done well for himself by following orders. When a quiet florist catches his eye, he tries to watch her from a distance. But when Charlie is thrown into the fire only Conrad has the strength to protect her and keep her safe. Charlie is hesitant to trust Conrad at first. After she has experienced great pain, Conrad has a lot to prove in order to win her trust. When passion sparks between the two, they are drawn together and lust and love drown them in a great tsunami.


“I’m going to have to fuck you until you know just how bad I can be.”

Told in dual POV, Dark Protector has a well constructed plot with plenty of action and intrigue. Both Conrad and Charlie have haunted pasts and the intensity they share between them drives the action. As Conrad pushes harder to gain Charlie’s trust, Charlie fights back until she realizes Conrad is her only way to finding peace. Although Conrad and Charlie’s connection happened quite fast, the connection was intense and charged with passion and love. I loved the contrast between Conrad and Charlie and together they became a force to be reckoned with.


Overall, I highly recommend Dark Protector to my friends who enjoy an action packed read with dark undertones and an alpha male hero who does not stop. I have long been a fan of Ms. Aaron’s work and Dark Protector is another great addition to the MUST READ shelf!

*This was another sexy BR with my Shhlutty sisters CC and WAR!


*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!




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