CC’s ARC Review ~ Bound by DH Sidebottom

4 Stars! 




In Bound we are reunited with Anderson Cain after two years has passed. Since then, Anderson’s life has been filled with pain and sorrow but also moments of joy whenever he is with his son. Still, fighting in the underground sates his aggression and having his friend, Robbie, helps to ease Anderson’s unique needs as well.

“It’s always amazes me how tenderness shocks you. Yet the bite of pain doesn’t.”

Jeanie Carlson is a divorced pediatric nurse with a naturally docile personality. Having experienced trying times in her life, she understands loss, rejection and fear but it doesn’t make dealing with life any easier. When Jeanie meets Anderson, she feels an innate sense of safety with him despite his brusque exterior and given her current situation.

“There was something hypnotic in the way she looked at me, like she begged me for something I wasn’t sure of, asked me for hope, and pleaded with me to help her.”

Observing people is one of Anderson’s strengths and his intuition tells him that Jeanie is frightened, submissive yet forthright. In addition, he sees emotions that mirror his and for the first time since Khloe, Anderson begins to think about having more. When it becomes evident that Jeanie craves what Anderson can provide, they move forward to experience their darkest desires.

“He was back inside me with another hard thrust. Except, this time, he didn’t take me gently. He fucking owned me. He annihilated every thought in my head.”

In starting Bound, I wasn’t sure what to completely expect, as I had some reservations about just how Anderson’s life was going to progress because I was completely satisfied with how his story ended in Caged. That said, as the plot progressed, it became clear that it was time for Anderson to take the next step in his life. With Jeanie, she felt like a natural match for Anderson with her caring and kind nature. There were moments when I felt protective for Anderson, but he ultimately needed closure for his family. As always, Robbie proved to be a standout friend and I hope he continues to be a part of Anderson’s life in every delicious way.

In this novella, DH Sidebottom succinctly captures the dark and raw emotions of her characters, by showing how their vulnerabilities can lead to strength. From the first page, I was hooked and I appreciated how she was able to take Anderson to a new level.

For those familiar with Anderson’s story, I recommend Bound!

Caged Series to be read in order:
Caged (Caged, #1) by D.H. Sidebottom Chained (Caged, #2) by D.H. Sidebottom Bound (Caged, #2.5) by D.H. Sidebottom



Title: Bound

Author: DH Sidebottom

Genre: Dark erotica

Type: Dual first person POV

Releases on March 17, 2017







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