Liz’s Review~Riot (Scarred Souls, #4) ~ by Tillie Cole


“She was like me.”


Riot is the fourth book in the Scarred Souls Series. This series offers a delicious blend of gladiator style fighters, sex slavery, damaged heroes, and the sweet taste of revenge. The heroes and their females are all overcomers who have managed to withstand the horrors of torture and captivity to experience love and security. In the conclusion of this series, we meet the beautiful slave 152 and the Blood Pit Champion 901. Additionally, we catch up with all of our favorite characters from the entire series as they come together to overthrow the treachery of their enemies.


“Last night I made her mine.”

Number 152 is a slave to the master of the Blood Pit. Her only job is to service him. When the master has a rebellious fighter, who refuses to yield to his demands he discovers a way to tear him down. He decides to offer his beautiful slave to him and then use her as a bargaining chip.


“Her attention only made me break more.”

901 is the champion of the Blood Pit. He is indestructible and always wins. Win the Master’s Mona is locked in his cell she is under the influence of powerful drugs. If the champion doesn’t take her, she will die from the pain. If he does take her, he will immediately be under her spell and be yielding to the master. When he realizes there is no way out, he gives in and takes her. As they grow closer together, the physical connection shifts into an intense emotional connection like they have never experienced before. Both slaves to the master, both only knowing their numbers, they find peace in each other. When the Master’s wrath showers down on the lovers, it becomes a fight to the death for them to be able to stay together.


“Something had shifted between us. It was indescribable. It was raw, but it made me feel alive.”

Told in dual POV, Riot is a stunning conclusion to this series. Each book in the series has introduced a different fighter and their harrowing tale. Because this installment features all of the main characters and their fight to overcome, it is especially unique. I found both of the main characters to be well matched and fierce in their resolve. The evil is raw and gritty as the characters are abused sexually and physically by their Masters and guards of the Blood Pit. The fighting is bloody and similar to a Roman Arena where the Gladiators must fight to the death. The blend of action, tenderness, and raw passion make this series, and an absolute must read for readers who enjoy the shock and awe of the battle and the beautiful connection when broken people become healed!


Overall, I highly recommend Riot and this entire series. Tillie Cole amazes me every time with her magical storytelling, complex characters, and passionate moments that make me cry and smile at the same time! If she is writing, I will always be ready and waiting for more!

*ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review!



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