CC’s ARC Review ~ Animal by Marni Mann





Title: Animal

Author: Marni Mann

Genre: Dark Suspense

POV: Multiple first person

Releases on March 23, 2017


4.5 Stars! 


Tyler Richens is a hardworking student attending university on an academic scholarship. Not having family to rely upon, Tyler is determined to move forward and start a new life. With always wanting to feel like she belongs, she finally accepts her roommate’s request to go out on the town. During that evening, Tyler is approached by a woman offering stability, a sizeable income and a sense of family she so desperately craves.

“We love unconditionally. And we will love you.”
“I didn’t know what that felt like.”

Upon meeting and dating Jae, Tyler begins to feel the weight of her decision as she becomes entangled in the rules of her new job. While Jae has been understanding of her schedule, Tyler must make a decision that will affect their future. Knowing what the consequences will be, Tyler chooses to protect those she loves.

“I wanted to always remember his arms. His breathing. The way he felt against me.”

Beard is a prison guard at an underground prison. As a young man, Beard’s family circumstances changed causing his closest friend’s father to provide a home for him. During that time, Beard learned how violence could be channeled toward those who seemingly deserve it. Not expecting to such feel pain again in his life, Beard experiences a significant loss that propels him into a world of darkness. While the prison helps to calm the screams from within, Beard’s additional outlet is hard sex.

“Prison guard, captor, torturer – I had many titles. They all meant the same thing; I lived in the dark.”

Told in multiple first-person POV, the characters really come to life and the tone of each character’s essence is perfectly conveyed. With Beard he is raw, broody and cold but it’s partly due to how he’s chosen to insulate himself. For Tyler, she is naïve at times, but she is driven and willing to take a risk to protect others, though her methods may not be ideal. What transpires between all these characters is a balancing act and their lives intersect in such unexpected ways. And, the sex offers plenty of dominating and dirty goodness.

“I wanted that pussy on my tongue. I wanted that taste coating me. I wanted my noise buried there, so all I could smell was her.”


As each piece appears to click into place, further complex questions arise leading to more significant consequences. With escalating tension and suspense embedded into this plot, the pacing incrementally rises until the timeline is at critical point. To say the plot is twisty would be an understatement.

Animal is a story that pulls you in from the first page with damaged characters trying to survive in their own ways. It is dark, mysterious and addictive, as Marni Mann successfully creates a world where morality is flexible and shadows lurk in one’s souls. I highly recommend!!







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