Liz’s Review~Block & Tackle by Elise Faber, Kristin Vayden, and Stephanie Fournet


Block and Tackle is a collection of three forbidden romance novellas where the athletic heroes of Prestige Media Groups stake their claim!


Offsides~by Elise Faber is the beautifully crafted romance of an Ex-Hockey Player named Devon and his off-limits temp named Becca. Devon is the CEO for Prestige Media Groups and has fallen for his talented temporary Personal Assistant Becca. Becca and Devon couldn’t be more opposite, and when Becca falls into some serious trouble, Devon has to work hard to prove his worth to her. Becca and Devon share a beautiful connection, and although this is a quick read, I found the blend of passion, tenderness, and natural flowing dialogue to make this boss/employee romance quite entertaining. This is my first Elise Faber read, and I will certainly be checking out more of her work soon!



Off Guard~by Stephanie Fournet features the spunky and hard working Charlie who has found her calling working PR for Prestige. While out on a run, she meets the undeniable handsome, athletic god Hutch. They share an instant connection, and before the spark has a chance to ignite, it is discovered that he is an athlete represented by her firm. Therefore, he is OFF LIMITS! Hutch is determined to win Charlie over and will do whatever it takes to make her his. Stephanie Fournet is a truly gifted author, and this slice of heaven was chocked full of passion, tenderness, and paired with the complexity of the plot, I simply could not put it down. I wanted to the story to go on and on forever. The character relationships were well developed, and the richness of the descriptive writing held me captive from one moment to the next.



Off Limits~by Kristin Vayden is the story of Prestige Talent Agent Marcus and his best friend/client’s sister Ava. Marcus has always wanted Ava by his side, but with a shared tainted past and the need to keep things professional, he has tried to keep his “hands off”. When Marcus and Ava are together the witty banter is off the charts as these two frenemies overcome their past and make way for a beautiful future together. With friendship and broken hearts on the line, Marcus and Ava are in danger of loosing it all. The quickest read of the three, Off Limits was by far the most tender of the set due to the slow burn element. This was my first taste of Kristin Vayden’s writing, and I certainly look forward to reading more!

Overall, Block and Tackle is a great collection of forbidden romance novellas that will warm your heart! Each story is unique and full of entertainment! I loved the sports element and the characters (especially Hutch) are unforgettable!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!




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