CC’s ARC Review ~ Buy Me, Sir by Jade West


4 Stars! 




Melissa “Lissa” Martin is a nineteen year old who was forced into adulthood when her parents died in a tragic car accident. Since then, she has been raising her toddler brother and had to put her education and dreams on hold. But Lissa never gave up on the dream of meeting the man that showed her kindness on one unexpected day.

“He’d just been a posh guy in a suit, until he smiled at me. And that smile was enough for me to gift my heart to a man I’d probably never see again.”

Alexander James Henley, Jr. is a high profile criminal defense attorney known as the puppet master, pulling strings to get his clients the best outcome. While his professional life is in the spotlight, Alexander prefers to keep his private dealings off the radar, as his predilections are considered deviant to many.

“I’m interested in all fucked up. Damaged and dark. Broken. Like me.”

With a plan in place, Lissa implements each step in order to get close to this elusive man. While it all clicks into place, much easier than Lissa planned, her determination borders on obsession but she has her eye on the prize. Meanwhile, Alexander is feeling more than he’s felt in years and believes he’s met his match.

“And fuck, how I fucking fuck her. I fuck her like a man fucking possessed, her body shunting under me s I keep my grip tight around her pretty neck.”

“I kiss her. Plunging my tongue inside her breathless mouth as she chokes for me.”

While Alexander and Lissa move forward, the fear that Lissa’s manipulation will be discovered is ever present. Knowing how Alexander feels about Lissa, each time she deceives him becomes more painful especially knowing Alexander’s past. Even when Lissa is put to the ultimate test, she chooses the deception

“The crazy train collides with the end of the track, and it feels wild and scary to be this unhinged.”

As it all unfolds, Alexander must come to terms with his past and those that continually choose to label his sexual needs. Knowing Lissa doesn’t place any limits on Alexander, he feels acceptance for the first time but when all he knows is a lie, it all falls apart.

When starting a Jade West book, I always feel comfortable about the journey she is going to offer. For one, it’s always going to be hot as hell, but she also has a way of dealing with different themes in an interesting and fresh way. With Lissa, she has many admirable qualities, as she is hard working and assumes so much responsibility but her obsession leaves the reader conflicted – purposely so – at times. For me, I liked Alexander from the start. Even with his outward air of confidence, he is still human and has quite a vulnerable side. And the scenes with Alex and a certain character absolutely made my day!

Buy Me, Sir offers a story about two people trying to live the only way they know how given their family circumstances. The plot unfolds at a steady pace and you can be rest assured about getting some dirty, hot times! For those looking for some kink with a big heaping of a character driven plot, I recommend!


TITLE: Buy Me, Sir

AUTHOR: Jade West

GENRE: Erotic Romance




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