CC’s Review ~ Possession by Jaimie Roberts

Title: Possession
Author: Jaimie Roberts
Genre: Dark Erotica/Romance
POV: First Person




3.5 Stars


At 18 years old, Evelyn Montgomery grew up in household where shady deals were transacted, however, she didn’t expect for her family to view her as an asset rather than as a daughter. At twelve years old, she met a man that gave her hope and a sense of friendship. As she got older, Evelyn began to realize this man was more than a friend that would stop at nothing to protect her, or at least so she thought.

“He once told me he wasn’t a monster, but I see it inside him. I see that part of him simmering near the surface.”

With an intense manner and imposing physical presence, Drake Salvatore is a powerful man who gets what he wants at any cost. Though he makes it clear that he is a monster, Evelyn is still drawn to him for what he offers. As he waits until the timing is right, Drake’s obsession is clear and no one is going to stop him from taking what’s his.

“Why is it so necessary to own me? Why not some other girl? Why me?”

As Evelyn begins to see Drake’s far reaching influence and control, she is conflicted because of how she perceives him. Though she rebels at times, her realization comes to a head when her choices are removed and she’s faced with stark reality. Drake’s methods are by no means ethical but that’s what drives his needs. When Evelyn makes a choice, she soon learns that worse monsters exist.

“That man over the years has become both my enemy and my saviour. My fissure and my bond. My sickness and my cure. My destruction and my salvation.”

What ensues between Drake and Evelyn is a series of events that is manipulative and debauched. Due to Evelyn’s sheltered existence and lack of family support, her decisions are based upon limited experience and Drake uses it to his advantage. While Drake has been very open with Evelyn about his dark side, physically and emotionally, their journey is one of conflicting feelings.

Told from Evelyn’s POV, the timeline shifts between past and present that allows for a build-up of tension since not knowing what Drake will do next allows the reader to empathize with Evelyn. However, I was looking for more development from Evelyn’s character instead of falling back on her physical attraction to Drake. While it’s clear that Drake is a man of certain tastes, I was left wanting much more about his motivations and more depravity, as whether he was a man of redemption wasn’t a factor to me considering the theme of the storyline.

Overall, the plot points felt a little disjointed and it created some contradictions. While I liked the characters on one level, I was ready for something much darker. That said, I was relieved to read the ending, as my thoughts were confirmed but was left wanting more.

Possession is a book that covers themes of obsession with flawed characters who desperately want to be loved despite the consequences.



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