CC’s Review ~ Killing the Sun (Part One) by K. Larsen & Mara White

4 Stars! 




Aimee Olsen is a small town girl raised by an impoverished family. Learning to live simply was their only option, especially after a certain event changes how her family is perceived in their community. In hopes of starting a new life, Aimee sets out for New York City where she meets a man that offers a sense of security. While Aimee isn’t materialistic, he introduces her to new experiences and she feels fortunate for finding such a nurturing boyfriend.


“You are so vulnerable, and I feel like it’s up to me to toughen you up.”

Daniel “Danny” Montclair (a.k.a. Danilo Bartolini) grew up in Brooklyn and was raised by strict Sicilian immigrants. Rebelling against the normalcy and mundane life of his family, Danny was enamored with the wise guys of the neighborhood. Fast forward, Danny runs an empire but when he sees a girl that exudes innocence and sunshine, he knows he must make her his.


“Some things you can just buy, other things you have to earn.”

For six years, Aimee and Danny have been together but Aimee is no longer happy knowing her place in the relationship. After only having Danny to rely upon for so long, she questions their future and tries to move forward on her own; however, Danny’s influence is far reaching.


“There isn’t much purity in this world, so when you find some, you’ve got to hang onto it like a life preserver in treacherous water.”

In this first episode, the foundation is set for each character and the plot is driven by their circumstances and by their individual choices. Aimee is a good-natured character who likes to see the positive in people despite being treated poorly by her peers. At times she can be naïve, but her decisions show how life just isn’t black and white. With Danny, he is a domineering man with conflicting priorities, especially toward Aimee, as he knows what right decision is but chooses the opposite. While their relationship is loving at times with combustible sex, it is also getting toxic.


“He pounds me until my flesh screams, until my back threatens to snap from the pressure and impact. With one hand coming over my hip he uses all of his fingers to rub flat against my clit until I explode into orgasm and growl out his name. I want to hit him. I want to spit in his face. He grabs my hair and yanks my head back.”

Told in dual POV and with a non-linear timeline, the varying perspectives and shifts allow the reader to understand the motivations of the characters that parallel their past and present. The pace is steady and the tone is tense at times since the path Aimee and Danny will take is unknown. At this point, I’m not sure what to expect from either character but understand the choices they’ve made.

Mara White is a new author to me but having previously read K. Larsen, I am familiar with the eerily quiet lull she can create before twists and reveals. Moving forward to book two in this series, I look forward to reading how these characters either progress or digress.

This book would appeal to those who appreciate that life’s choices aren’t always obvious and that good people make bad decisions.

Three Books in the series:
Killing the Sun Part 1 by K. Larsen Killing The Sun Part 2 by K. Larsen Killing The Sun Part 3 by K. Larsen

Title: Killing the Sun (Part One)
Author: K. Larsen & Mara White
Genre: Dark Romance
POV: Dual first person





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