Liz’s Review~Rigid~by SD HILDRETH


“Be careful what you wish for.”


Rigid is the fourth book in the Filthy F*ckers Series. With each installment, Hildreth showcases another biker from the Filthy F*ckers Family. Each biker is unique, loyal, and passionate about life. Although it may be time for Smokey to meet his match, he has another woman in his life that has always come first!


“For a minute, you tricked me into thinking I was normal.”

Grayson “Smokey” Wallace is a biker who is loyal to his club, loves coffee, vaping, women, and his daughter Eddie. Caring for his daughter and making sure she has a safe place to grow and develop into a successful young woman is his only goal and everything else is inconsequential. Smokey has no problem falling in and out of bed with the ladies but having a relationship with anyone is out of the question because he doesn’t want to bring anyone home that would disrupt the life he has created for himself and his daughter. While out with his brother Cholo, he meets Lexi’s best friend, Sandy. With just one look, Sandy and Smokey share an instant connection.

“So….is this….what you…”


“I wanted to know his deepest of desires, and hoped I could satisfy each one of them. Yet. The way it felt knowing all we would ever have was sex crushed those wants and desires into dust.”

Sandy is happily stumbling through life. Working two jobs, she has friends that love her, and she is headed for a life full of joy and success. Meeting Smokey sparked a physical desire in her that she had never felt before. Knowing that a relationship with him was out of the question, after a few unforgettable rounds in the bedroom, she was strong enough to push him away. However, sometimes even when we think we know what is best for us, life is always there to throw as a curve ball. Sandy and Smokey (and Eddie) are instantly thrust into an unknown world, and just like life, their journey is full of unexpected moments of joy, fear, happiness, and terror.

“We might end up in love someday.”


“Love simply either happened or it didn’t.”

Told in mostly dual POV, Rigid offers a beautiful story of sacrifice and love. The vital element in this installment of the series is the complex relationships between the characters and the surprising way in which they intercept together along the way. Smokey is passionate about doing right by his daughter, and because of that, he has chosen to be single. Eddie loves her father but is ready to stretch her wings and soar. Somehow, Sandy fits perfectly into their lives and like the missing puzzle piece she is the catalyst that brings their family together beautifully. Hildreth’s writing style continues to entertain with his natural flowing dialogue, real life situations, unique characters, and smoking hot sex! An additional stand out character is P-Nut. His unashamed view on life and uninhibited spirit promises more greatness to come to this already extraordinary group of characters.


Overall, this series brings a variety of characters, situations, and moments that always cause me to pause. Sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes they make me cry, sometimes they make me swoon, but I always turn to the last page and feel something that I haven’t felt before. Every. Single. Time. Rigid is a tender and sexy read that is sure to bring on the feels. With action, romance, and family love, this is one Hildreth book you do not want to miss!

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