CC’s Review ~ Killing the Sun (Part Two) by K. Larsen & Mara White

4.25 Stars!



In part two, the timeline continues without interruption, as Aimee believes it’s time to make a clean break from Danny. Leaving Manhattan temporarily offers her the space she needs but she doesn’t expect to be reunited with Leif, the golden god. As they spend time together, it reinforces Aimee’s feelings about how she deserves to be treated and she begins to want what she has always wanted, that is, until reality rears its ugly head yet again.

“In a burst of evil irony the sun breaks through the clouds the moment he says it. It lights up this beautiful man and his perfect backdrop, the sprawling ocean behind him. He is luminous, shining, and now tortured because of what I’ve done.”

With the non-linear timeline, Aimee’s past with Danny is ever present and it serves to show the contrast between lust, love, pain and pleasure. Their past offers some seriously panty-melting scenes with Danny pushing Aimee’s boundaries without hampering any of her desires or his fantasies.

“The idea of having another man take me seemed terrifyingly gratifying. The idea of having Danny watch it happen, almost sacrilegious. But it turned me on. It really fucking turned me on.”

As this story progresses and with the dual POV, the character development for Aimee and Danny deepens showing softer sides to both characters but also underscoring the significant differences between what they want from each other and life in general. While it becomes obvious as to what Aimee’s choice should be, it still isn’t an easy one for her knowing she views herself. With Danny, he seems to be the biggest contradiction because there are times when he appears to be human but his priorities are in direct conflict with Aimee’s hopes.

“Danger finds plenty of room to hide in vagueness, while certainty thrives in description. If you can see it clearly, you can make them see it too.”

While the tension of the unknown was steadily mounting, when the boom was dropped, the plot irrevocably shifted. Though it seems that Danny has deep affection for Aimee in his own twisted way, she needs to find the strength to stand on her own, but the question of whether she is stronger than Danny remains to be seen.

In this episode, I enjoyed all the conflicting feelings the authors made me feel with these characters. It is so apparent Aimee and Danny share an undeniable sexual chemistry but at what point will Aimee finally act for her best interest. I am immediately starting the final book in this series and forward to reading how it all ends!

This book would appeal to those who understand unconventional relationships and how love and insecurity can easily blur the lines of right and wrong.

Three Books in the series:
Killing the Sun Part 1 by K. Larsen Killing The Sun Part 2 by K. Larsen Killing The Sun Part 3 by K. Larsen



Title: Killing the Sun (Part Two)

Author: K. Larsen & Mara White

Genre: Dark Romance/Suspense

POV: Dual first person









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