CC’s ARC Review ~ Ripple Effect (Episode 4) by Keri Lake

Title: Ripple Effect (Episode Four)
Author: Keri Lake
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance/Suspense
POV: First Person – Dual
Rating: 4.5 Stars


In this final episode of Ripple Effect, all the plot elements intensify as they intersect and come to a finale. As revelations surface, Rip and Dylan are emotionally and physically tested. Acting on instinct, Dylan is forced to confront her past in the only way she is able. But Rip’s with expertise, it’s guaranteed to bring a bloodbath.


“You touched what’s mine, and you don’t fucking touch what belongs to another man. Particularly one in league with the devil, asshole.”

Knowing what is on the line and fully trusting what they have in each other, Rip and Dylan make the most of their time together. As it’s been prevalent throughout the series, the sexual compatibility between these characters is off the charts and Rip continues to hit all the right spots.


“He’s hit the jackpot somewhere inside of me, and I fall forward, catching myself on the bed. His big hands grip tight to my ass while his dick hammers into me, the tension in my belly tightening into a ball of excitement ready to detonate.”

Preparing for what is to come, Rip is willing to make sacrifices to protect those closest to him. With such serious consequences on the line, Dylan knows what Rip is willing to do but she doesn’t want him to act alone and she knows it’s time to claim what’s due. However, those with the most secrets are aligned with powerful forces and they are also committed to defending their own interests.


“Sometimes our weaknesses are what make us stronger than we realize.”

To say this series was action packed would be an understatement. The narrative is edgy but also grounded. Told in dual POV, the levity of the character’s lives and how they find strength in each other offers dimension to their paths. Additionally, the plot twists enhance the ongoing story line and provide for a strong finish.

Overall, Keri Lake delivers an energetic and captivating story with intensity, realism, trust and sacrifice. I highly recommend Ripple Effect!

Ripple Effect series (must be read in order)
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