CC’s Review ~ The Night Mark by Tiffany Reisz

Title: The Night Mark
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Genre: Romance/Historical Romance
POV: Third Person
Rating: 4.5 Stars



Faye Barlow is woman who experienced a tragedy four years earlier. Since then, she hasn’t been able to recover until she finally decides to move forward no matter the consequences. With a fortuitous job offer, Faye travels to South Carolina to restore her passion for photography and to find herself again. Having always been told that she lives in the past, Faye didn’t expect time to actually beckon her.


“Legend is, if a girl swims naked in those waters, she’ll find her true love right after.”

Carrick Morgan, a naval officer by training, is a quiet, self-sufficient and honest man who is the lighthouse keeper on an isolated island in the 1920s. After one woman enters his life, he’s sure of his affection and will protect her with all he knows. According to local legend, she was unexpectedly torn from Carrick’s life, but what transpires changes the course of fate.


“You’re a lady in my eyes. But I suppose you can be the lady of the lighthouse.”

After becoming enraptured with an abandoned lighthouse, one night Faye decides to visit the deserted island and tour the lighthouse on her own. As she walks onto the decrepit pier, she sees a mysterious recurring symbol that distracts her from the waves trying to ensnare her into the sea. From that point, Faye awakens in the arms of the man she’s always loved and her new life begins.


“You saved me, didn’t you?” “Saved you? Nah. I saw you fall off the dock and pulled you out of the water. That’s all.” “That’s kind of the definition of saving someone.”

As Faye realizes all isn’t what it seems, she acclimates to her new surroundings knowing that she really doesn’t have the incentive to leave. With her arrival, Carrick’s life alters due to time snapping back just enough for a redo; however, it feels so natural to Carrick as he sees the woman who is supposed to be with him. For Faye, putting together the pieces keeps her intrigued and also bound to Carrick in such delicious ways.


“She needed it from him, and he gave it to her so hard he grunted with every thrust as she groaned with every withdrawal. It was hot in the room, and the sweat and her wetness sealed them together. Her hips pulsed against his. She couldn’t get enough of him, no matter how hard he took her.”

Faced with reality of her travel, Faye remembers the future and must decide where she wants to remain. Being true to Carrick is imperative, as he must know that the heart, mind and body of the woman he originally knew is completely Faye. Both must make a choice but one holds the key to change it all.


“You see, a light’s night mark is its heartbeat. You know a man by his heart. You know a lighthouse by its beacon.”

For me, Carrick was a standout character, as he is honorable and straight shooter. The romantic element encircling Carrick was interesting on many levels and I was interested to see how Faye processed all her feelings toward Carrick in order to only see him. With Faye, she definitely had some struggles, but traveling to a different time seemed to offer her the peace she desperately needed. It wasn’t just about abandoning her world but she embraced what she always valued and seized the second chance.

There is no doubt that Tiffany Reisz is an incredible storyteller and she effortlessly manages to convey the heart of her characters as she offers poignant moments of pause and introspection. In addition to Carrick, Faye and significant secondary characters, the history and symbolism of the lighthouse enhances the nostalgia and romanticism of the era.

The Night Mark offers a story about a second chance at love and also at living life to the fullest. While the romance and time travel aspects are slightly unconventional, the message is still clear. This book would appeal to those who wish to get swept away by fate.



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