CC’s Review ~ Play Thing (Volume Three) by Jason Luke and Jade West

Title: Play Thing (Volume Three)
Author: Jason Luke and Jade West
Genre: Dark Erotica/BDSM
POV: First Person – Dual
Rating: 4 Stars for final volume and entire series



Volume three opens in with an uninterrupted timeline with Robert continuing to train Amy as the perfect submissive for her new buyer and to get her away from his sadistic father and brother. The goal is to make Amy so pliable that becoming a submissive is like second nature. However, with Robert acting as her Master, Amy comes to a realization that’s been evading her for years. What ensues between Robert and Amy is intense, emotionally and physically, causing them to feel more than they ever planned.


“You need to understand the difference between willing submission and mindless surrender.”

As time is running out and with Robert knowing how his vile family operates, he tries to up the ante before it’s too late. But when Amy must face her fears, she acts the only way she knows how and she proves that she is not broken. It’s at that time when Robert and Amy must decide where they proceed.


“It’s about your approach to the situation, your mindset. It’s all you have control over. You need to be able to use it.”

In this final episode, it all comes together with Amy learning about her desires and about her needs. Robert is a character that’s easy to like with his unbreakable resolve and patience. The conflict between Robert, his father and Alistair is deviously intriguing as each have their own strong personalities and depraved ways.

Overall, I would have liked for this series to be published in one longer book to maintain the plot and character momentum. Having said that, I enjoyed the dark erotic journey and the collaborative writing of Jason Luke and Jade West.

This series would appeal to those looking for some kinkery and the psychological elements of being a captive submissive.

Plaything Volume 1 (Plaything, #1) by Jason Luke Plaything Volume 2 (Plaything, #2) by Jason Luke Plaything Volume Three by Jason Luke
(Love the continuity of the book covers.)



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