Liz’s Review~Twist (Dive Bar, #2) ~ by Kylie Scott



Twist is the second book in the Dive Bar Series. Although it can be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend reading it after Dirty to fully grasp the depth of the relationships between the characters in this series.

“Lumbersexuals were clearly the worst.”

Alex Parks is a successful woman looking for love. When she sparks a connection with someone on an online dating site, she takes the plunge, and an online relationship begins. Imagine her surprise when she goes to meet her online love in person and discovers it was all a lie.


“There was no going slow. We were a car crash, a catastrophe. His tongue in my mouth and my hands pushing at his coat, tearing at his T-shirt.”

Joe Collins didn’t mean any harm by taking over his brother Eric’s online dating profile. When Alex shows up at the bar to meet Eric, everything explodes in his face. Joe is attracted to Alex, and although he was deceptive at the start of their relationship, he wants nothing more than for Alex to give him a chance. Alex is easily spooked, and it takes a while for her to trust Joe. Joe and Alex are quite a mismatched pair when this “lumberjack” falls in love with sophisticated Alex. As Alex and Joe form a friendship, the physical attraction between the two explodes, and they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Just when it seems that things are headed in the right direction, tragedy strikes and Joe and Alex are torn apart. It will take everything they have to find their way back together again.


“I just want to hold you down and make love to you for a good long time, watching your face as you come.”

Twist had all of the elements that I love from a Kylie Scott read. Complex characters, smoking hot scenes, emotional depth, and a rock solid plot. The only distraction in Twist for me occurred towards the end of the read. Joe made some surprising choices that made me feel sad for Alex. Although, I felt she handled herself the best that she could it took away from my overall happy feelings for the book. Obviously, characters are flawed, and book are often a reflection of life, however, in this case, I wish Joe had been a little stronger for Alex. Although he redeems himself in the end, this element of the drama wasn’t my favorite part of the read. A happy addition to the read was the supporting characters and the development of Nell and Pat and of course ERIC!!!!! I am truly hooked on this series, and I cannot wait to see what happens next!


Overall, Twist is another winning creation by Kylie Scott. With hilarious text and a smoking hot romance, Alex and Joe are sure to offer you hours of entertainment.

*ARC graciously provided via publisher in exchange for an honest review!


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