Liz’s Review~Odium V~ by Claire C. Riley


“To anyone who’s ever loved and lost. And to anyone who has been lost and then found love.”


The Dead Saga is back and Odium V is a thrilling read full of action, suspense, zombies, and smoking hot steam. This is the fifth book in the series, and the series must be read in order. In this installment, the fate of Nina and Mikey is unknown as the dead continues to wreak havoc on the world.


“It’s like our fates aren’t aligned or something.”

Nina has survived years of fighting, torture, and abuse. She and Michael are on the move and on a mission. The goal is to find Mikey, but it doesn’t take long for Michael and Nina to find themselves in trouble again. A motorcycle club spots the traveling duo and threatens them. Shooter, the club president, is intrigued by Nina and her sassy mouth. Although Nina longs to reunite with Mikey, she discovers a connection with the “alpha male” president. The desire to feel anything is overwhelming as Nina and Shooter find solace in each other.


“It’s time to move on, to cut our losses before it’s too late and we run out of luck.”

Meanwhile, the fate of Mikey is unknown. Left in the hands of a “killer” elderly couple Mikey is in danger of dying or being eaten alive. With Nina miles away and completely oblivious to his situation, it seems impossible for anyone to come to his rescue. But as all Odium fans know, in this apocalyptic world, anything can happen.


“Whatever happens, there’s no way I’m not making it out of this situation.”

Told in dual POV, Odium V evoked a plethora of emotions. I felt anger, sadness, fear, and some serious sexual tension. As the fifth book in the series, we have experienced many characters come and go, and the stakes are high for Mikey and Nina to finally be together and yet, the timing never seems to be right. With every loss of life, there is pain, and Nina is more determined than ever to survive. The complex characters paired with the intense plot keep me coming back for more. I simply couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.
Obviously, I have a strong opinion on how I would like things to turn out for Nina and Mikey but at the end of the day, this is the end of the world, and anything can happen!


Overall, I highly recommend Odium V and the entire Dead Saga to anyone who enjoys action, suspense, romance, and of course zombies. Nina is my favorite heroine of all time, and I am not going to lie there are times in my daily life when I think to myself “what would Nina do” and I instantly find the inner strength I need to make it through that moment. I am madly in love with Mikey, and although Shooter certainly got my blood pumping, I am waiting on pins and needles to see what is going to happen next. If you haven’t started this series yet, you need to! Even my husband has become a DEAD SAGA fan! Claire C. Riley is a phenomenal author, and everyone needs to experience a piece of ZOMBIE GREATNESS!

***The Dead Saga***
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*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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