Liz’s Review~Trophy Wife~ by Alessandra Torre


“He is a living, breathing man who has the capacity to love, who looks at me and sees something more than a contract.”


Trophy Wife is a smoking hot read with a business man, a stripper, and a contract. With a blend of intrigue, passion, and money, Nathan Dumont is one hero who is sure to please any romance reading fan!


“In the moments before his breathing deepens, his hold on me relaxing, it is perfection. Forbidden. Impossible. Perfection.”

Candy is a stripper. She has a college degree and yet has been forced to work the pole for money. From the beginning of the read it is easy to assess that Candy is a good girl. She has simply chosen a job in order to provide for herself and help her ailing dad. When Nathan Dumont visits Candy in the strip club, one blow job turns into a series of events that will change her life forever. What happens when a broke stripper gets the opportunity of a lifetime?


“He is unraveling, the world that he knows slowly coming apart at a time when it should be coming together.”

Nathan Dumont is looking for more than just a blowjob from Candy. He wants a wife. All she has to do is sign her name on the dotted line. She accepts a marriage of convenience, a marriage with hot sex, a beautiful wardrobe, and a beautiful house. However, it is a marriage without love and companionship. Nathan is cold and calculated. He has orchestrated a beautiful facade for him and Candy to live in. And yet, the sex between these two is beyond fulfilling. As the story begins to unravel, Nathan is shaken by the ghosts of his past and the possibility of his future.


“Ecstasy. My body breaks into a thousand splinters of pleasure, a series of gasps spilling out, my back arching and pushing against his hard pelvis, our bodies joined as I am torn apart in a sea of desire.”

Told in dual POV, Trophy Wife is a compilation of Alessandra Torre’s previous work The Dumont Diaries. This updated version includes Nathan’s POV and a fresh ending to fulfill all of the questions that were left unanswered in the previous work. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this read. I was a Nathan and Candy fan before but with the additional dialogue, additional moments of bliss, and the beautiful epilogue, I found myself overjoyed with this read. As the connection between Nathan and Candace transforms from physical to emotional and every piece of the plot is revealed I simply could not tear my eyes away.


Overall, Trophy Wife is a perfect blend of romance, passion, and intrigue that will certainly get your blood pumping and make your heart swoon. I loved The Dumont Diaries but this updated read literally blew me away. I have always been a fan of Ms. Torre’s work and Nathan and Candace are positively one of her hottest couples to date!

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.


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