CC’s Review ~ Turning Back (Turning #2) by J.A. Huss

Title: Turning Back (Turning #2)
Author: J.A. Huss
Genre: Dark Erotic/Romance
Rating: 3.5 Stars!




In this second book of the series, it starts immediately where book one’s timeline ended with the continuation of Rochelle’s disappearance from the game.
With Quin upset from her mysterious departure, Bric promises he will look for Rochelle to give Quin peace of mind. Instead, the plan changes giving Quin the second chance he was hoping to have.

“I missed everything. She took it all away from me and I don’t think I can ever forgive her for that.”

With Rochelle’s return, the dynamic changes for Quin and also Bric with the added element of Adley Bastille, Rochelle’s infant baby, since the father’s paternity is yet to be confirmed. For Quin, his feelings are resolute but he still needs to work out his anger toward Rochelle for not trusting his feelings. For Bric, he is happy to have his preferred arrangement back and seems to be all-in for this trio. However, Rochelle has a plan and she’s returned for only one man.

“She’s mine,” Quin says. “Just so you understand that. But I’m willing to share.”

As Quin is able to move past his anger toward Rochelle, they enjoy what this threesome can bring to the relationship. Thanks to their deep friendship, Quin and Bric fall into ease with Rochelle making their group encounters feel natural and hot as hell! Without any rules, Quin, Rochelle and Bric feast on each other for some seriously combustible moments.

“I watch Quin’s face as we fuck her hard. Him thrusting up from below, his balls slapping up against mine. Me pounding her from behind, my hands digging into her hips like I never want to let go.”

The sex has always been the easiest for these players, so when certain truths threaten to surface, it forces Rochelle, Quin and Bric to confront their insecurities before they can move forward. Each have deeply rooted reasons for their choices and when it’s all disclosed, there is understanding and feelings are reinforced.

“All this time I thought he was like Smith, and Bric, and … me. Wounded. Damaged. Ruined. But he’s not. He’s normal.”

As told in multiple POV, the fears, wants and motivations of these characters are revealed as the plot unfolds. I would have preferred to know more about each character’s past sooner, but it seemed to parallel the tension points of the plot line. From the first book, I didn’t want to view Quin as the softy of the group and in this book, he proved to hold his own which I liked. Bric remained to be a bit of an enigma and I am very curious to know his dark kinky side. As for Rochelle, she was the weak link for me because her reason for leaving and staying away seemed unjustified, especially given they were together for three years. There’s no doubt that JA Huss can tell the hell out of a story and I’ve been a long-time fan, but this book fell a bit short for me compared to her other books.

There were some appearances by Smith and Chella, which were amusing at times and added to the storyline but I was surprised to read about Smith’s newest pets. Oh the things men do for love! Lol!

Overall, Turning Back is a book about acceptance and moving forward, as the notion of being normal is subjective to everyone.




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