4 ★★★★ Stars 

Genre: Romance / Mafia
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual

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“I came to you, and the ghosts left me.”

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Addison Bowman after the death of her husband and unable to move on; she finally decides to start fresh.  Moving out of her husband’s house and into an exclusive apartment building was the first step to her new life.  Addison is soon to find new hope in her life and a lover she truly was not expecting.


“He was beautiful like a fallen angel, but so lethal at the same time.”


Cole Mauricio is the head of the Mauricio family.  He is the last man alive and because he is the last he has a lot of protection by his men. He is a man that demands – power and danger. He meets Addison and from the first time he was interested and wanted to know more about her. Cole however had no idea that what started as curiosity was going to be so much more than he expected. The physical attraction and chemistry was mutual and it was so intense and delicious.

“My life I can’t talk about, But this you coming to me is like a breath of oxygen. I can breathe again.”

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Cole and Addison make a perfect team for each other; I liked them together. She was the calm in his dark days. Because they were opposite from each other when you put them together is a perfect match. 

“He was dangerous, mysterious, and mesmerizing, but he was more. Kind. Considerate. I saw a glimmer of someone who cared.”

Overall, I really enjoyed this story; it was a mixture of suspense and romances not as much suspense as I prefer them but still well done none the less. The chemistry between Cole and Addison was fantastic.  I enjoyed how they each were chasing each other; even after secrets came out they became stronger and the lust and love more intense but also dangerous.  Cole decides he will protect Addison at any cost.  We see some characters from Carter Reed and I was so flipping excited to get to see them here too it made this read so much enjoyable.  Lovers who enjoy second chance romance will truly enjoy this book.  I do recommend however; reading Carter Reed 1 & 2 prior to reading this book because you will be able to enjoy the story so much better as for the history of Cole comes up in the previews books.

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