Liz’s Review~Until Sage (Until Him, #2)~ by Aurora Rose Reynolds

“I’m thankful every fucking day for the second chance I was given.”


The BOOM is back, and Aurora Rose Reynolds does it again with Until Sage. Sage and Kim were brought together and then ripped apart. But what happens when they get a second chance?


“In the twenty-four hours we spent together, you gave me a taste of something beautiful, and the memories of those moments have haunted me since I walked away from you.”

Kim and Sage met and had an instant connection. When a horrible misunderstanding rips them apart, Kim is devastated, and Sage is angry. When Sage realizes that he was wrong and that Kim is indeed the woman for him, he sets his sights on getting her back.


“We’re not friends, if you haven’t figured that out by now, I’ve still got work to do. Baby, you are mine.”

Kim is confused. She feels a strong connection to Sage and yet, her life is complicated. Knowing that he burned her before only keeps her more guarded against his advances. Anyone who has met a Mayson Man knows that when he meets his match the boom happens and he will move heaven and earth to get her and keep her forever. Sage and Kim are perfectly matched and although they face several obstacles they can overcome together.


“I waited too fucking long for my shot, and I’m not going to let her run off and build up walls. Not this time. I’m done fucking around.”

Told in dual POV, Until Sage is another Reynolds blend of goodness. Although there were certain elements of the plot that I would have loved to have been further developed, there was enough passion and love to keep me entertained throughout the entire read. Sage was quite complex, and he was more than driven to win back Kim. This second chance romance with the Mayson twist will melt your heart and leave a smile on your face the entire read.


Aurora Rose Reynolds always delivers a beautiful romance story, and there is nothing better than experiencing the BOOM! Until Sage is another amazing display of greatness and I could not get enough! Each Until book can be read as a stand alone but why not read them all and enjoy each and every moment of Mayson greatness? You will be so glad that you did! Bravo Ms. Reynolds! Bravo!



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