Liz’s Review~The Bad Guy~by Celia Aaron


“The more she tried to fly away, the harder I wanted to clip her wings.”


The Bad Guy is a stand-alone dark romance/thriller with a complicated hero, a beautiful heroine, and a plot that does not stop. If you are looking for your next anti-hero to fall in love with, look no further. Sebastian Lindstrom is waiting.

“I was falling prey to the lure.”

Camille Briarlane is a biology teacher living a mediocre life. Although she has a great best friend and a doting boyfriend, she knows that something is missing from her life. When her boyfriend takes her to a work function, she meets his boss Sebastian. A small spark ignites, and deep down in her soul, she feels a stirring that she has been craving for a long time. As her boyfriend begins to press for a bigger commitment from Camille, she knows she isn’t ready. A work-study program over the Christmas holiday seems like a perfect escape. If she can immerse herself in science and the study of plants surely she can forget about her boyfriend and the mystery of Sebastian.


“You stole everything from me.”

Sebastian Lindstrom has it all. He is sexy, powerful, rich, and never had a problem getting what he wants. After meeting Camille, he knows that she is exactly what he wants. She is what he needs. But what happens when Camille isn’t ready to be caught?


“I want to see things through your eyes.”

Told in dual POV, The Bad Guy is exactly the type of read that I LOVE to DEVOUR! Sebastian is my favorite type of hero. He is dark and delicious and driven to do anything in his power to protect Camille. The connection between the two is intense as the pendulum swings between extreme hate and extreme passion. Camille is a strong heroine, and her growth as a character was evident as she tried to identify the force pulling her to Sebastian. The secondary characters enhanced the plot significantly with their vital connections to the main characters. I especially enjoyed the relationship between Sebastian and his father. Who wouldn’t want a father that loves you unconditionally? Although not everyone will appreciate the idiosyncrasies that exist in Sebastian, I found his character to be unique and one that I will never forget. If you are looking for a dark romance with smoking hot passion and intrigue, look no further!

Overall, I highly recommend The Bad Guy to anyone who likes to take a trip on the dark side. Sebastian and Camille will not disappoint. Celia Aaron has long been one of my go-to authors. Her gifted storytelling never ceases to amaze me. The Bad Guy is another blockbuster hit from Ms. Aaron and I guarantee Sebastian is sure to please.

*This was an (F)BR with my SHHLUTTY sisters!


*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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