CC’s ARC Review ~ The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron


4 Stars!!


Camille Briarlane is a biology teacher wholeheartedly dedicated to her students. While Camille strives to also pursue field studies, such positions are coveted and limited. Despite her setbacks, she remains with her seemingly perfect boyfriend even though Camille knows she needs more than what’s on the surface.


“You’re light, but you crave the dark. You crave me.”

Sebastian Lindstrom, CEO of Lindstrom Industries, is known to be an aloof boss and mysterious man. His intense focus is finely honed on professional pursuits until his predatory gaze settles on a woman that captures his attention. Foreign sensations and feelings begin to emerge and Sebastian decides to act the only way he knows how.


“Her laugh against my throat woke up every nerve ending in my body until all I could feel was her. Euphoria, the closest I’d ever gotten to the sensation of happiness, washed over me.”

What ensues is due to the inner workings of Sebastian’s mind. While his motivations and actions are rationalized and legitimized in his mind, it doesn’t make it any easier on Camille. Being forced into Sebastian’s world, Camille must take steps to understand the man that has taken such extreme actions in the name of desire and obsession. During this time, Sebastian learns more about Camille’s deep desires leading to some truly combustible moments.


“I never want to forget the way you taste” He flicked the tip of his tongue against my clit, then licked me again. “Sweeter than anything I’ve ever had.”

As Sebastian comes to certain realizations about his methods, his next move is based on an elusive feeling. Relieved for his dose of empathy and move toward humanity, Camille is free to make her own choices and soon gains the knowledge to make the decision that she knew from the moment Sebastian entered her life.


“You aren’t the bad guy after all. Pyscho? Yes. But you’re the hero of my story.”

Told in dual POV, the connection between Sebastian and Camille is evident as they try to overcome their own demons. Had Sebastian approached Camille in a different way, it may not have been possible for them to share such intensity in such a short time but it didn’t excuse his behavior. The way layers were peeled back to show an understanding of Sebastian’s background, showed how compassionate Camille could be and ultimately how Sebastian is found what he’s been missing.

With two strongly developed characters, it was easy to get into their minds and understand their motivations and needs. With Camille, there were times when I wanted her to make a certain decision but I also liked how she did it on her terms. Sebastian turned out to be an endearing character in a believable way.

The Bad Guy is a story about trust and honesty. Set in a darkish setting, these characters take a journey of self-discovery that yields to the elusive species called love.





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