CC’s Review ~ Love Me in the Dark by Mia Asher

Title: Love Me in the Dark
Author: Mia Asher
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Stars!




Valentina Fitzpatrick worked hard to overcome her past and married a man that seemed like her dream. However, as years passed Valentina seemed to lose herself and her own passions. While remaining dedicated to her marriage, she travels to Paris in hopes of reconnecting with her husband of twelve years but when he cancels on her again, she decides to stay and explore what the city has to offer.

“It’s him. He’s a balm, a soothing balm. Whenever he’s near me, I’m not so alone or sad anymore.”

Sébastian Leroux is a French artist who suffered a tragedy when he lost the love of his life in a car accident. Since then, Sébastian basically lives like a playboy who doesn’t get too attached to any particular lovers. When attending a gallery reception, Sébastian encounters a woman that catches his attention for multiple reasons.

“Besides if you keep running into something good, maybe that’s fate telling you that you shouldn’t let go.”

As Valentina sees the sights of the city, she meets a man that saves her from an embarrassing situation and their connection is unique and visceral. At first, Sébastian appears to lead a carefree life without much attention to boundaries. While Valentina is very aware of Sébastian’s appeal, what ensues is based upon friendship though it’s wrapped in a blanket of desire. As such, Valentina finally starts to listen to her instinct and is ready to take a chance on herself.

“When I look at you I see a woman who might’ve lost her way, but I know she’s brave enough to find it back. She knows it too. She just needs a little push in the right direction.”

During this time, the bond between Val and Sébastian deepens in a meaningful and respectful manner, as both realize what they have been missing in their lives for so long. When Valentina makes a certain decision, the impact is tremendous and she soon realizes what a foolish mistake she made.

“You see, I was living a lie, but that’s all I ever knew. Lies. They were my reality.”

On the surface, these two characters may appear to be cliché – the wealthy bored housewife and the sexy bohemian artist, but there is much more dimension to these two and their growth felt sincere. While Valentina is married to a wealthy man, she remains honest, humble and isn’t afraid to learn new things, which I really enjoyed about her character. Plus, after being hurt she is still loyal to a fault, and while at times I wished she would just break out of her shell, the timing made sense for her. The character arc for Sébastian also felt natural but I selfishly would have liked to know a little more about his past and career.

With Mia Asher, her writing effortlessly flows and I was intrigued from the beginning. Initially, I was worried about the level of angst but that subsided fairly quickly. There was one particular plot element that surprised me in a dark and delicious way. As for Valentina and Sébastian, their chemistry was palpable and I liked how it all progressed for them. Though, there were some points in the plot that felt a little too rainbow gushy, overall I really enjoyed this one.

Love Me in the Dark is about sacrifice, betrayal and choosing to be true to one’s heart. I recommend to those who like their romance to be sprinkled with some depravity, heartache but a happy ending.




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