Liz’ Review~Hundreds (Dollar, #3) ~by Pepper Winters



“Fuck me, little mouse. Put us both out of our misery.”


Hundreds is the third book in the Dollar Series, and this series must be read in order. Pim, the former slave, and her savior Elder navigate through the next stage of their journey in this intense third installment in the series.


“Fuck, this is harder than I thought.”

Hundreds picks up directly after Dollars. Pim is still safe from the demons of her past, but she isn’t safe from Elder. Elder has offered Pim strength and hope, albeit twisted, he cares for Pim. As the sexual attraction between the two continues to grow, Pim begins to develop feelings for Elder. Elder is torn between the longing he has for more of Pim and the despair he feels about letting anyone close to him.


“He looked as if he wanted to eat me alive.”

With both of their hearts on the line, Pim and Elder navigate a delicate dance full of passion, sex, and love. Elder continues to push Pim’s boundaries and the harder he pushes, the more he falls further in the rabbit hole. The closer they grow together, the harder Elder tries to push Pim away.


“Just stay away from me.”

Told in dual POV, I absolutely adore these characters. Pim and Elder are both so unique and complex. Their pasts have impacted their present so much, and it is questionable if they will ever find peace in their future. Elder and Pim are so perfectly matched and yet, neither can find the strength to claim the other. The tempo in the first part of the book was slightly subdued and yet, as each piece of the puzzle is revealed the pace intensifies and crescendos like that of an orchestra performing a lyrical symphony. The text is full of color as each scene comes to life. My absolute favorite element of this installment is the way in which more of Elder is revealed. Pim acts as the ignition that starts up a wave of emotions inside this broken hero. After all of the beautiful and heartbreaking moments Pim and Elder have experienced, the final moment of this installment broke my heart. I have high hopes for these two to find their way and I cannot wait for Thousands to hit my Kindle!


Overall, Pepper Winters has delivered another stunning series that I cannot get enough of. Elder and Pim are unforgettable characters and I have faith in Ms. Winters to deliver them to their happily ever after. I am sure there will be more heartbreak and pain along the way and yet, I have no doubt that Elder and Pim will find their way.

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!

*This was a BR with my Shhlutty sisters!



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