Liz’s Review~NUTS~ by SD HILDRETH


“This could be one hell of a ride.”


NUTS is the fifth book in the Filthy F*ckers Series. This MC ROMANCE can be read as a stand-alone although, I highly recommend reading each book in this series in order to truly appreciate the relationships and history of these characters. With a heartwarming plot, witty dialogue, beautiful friendship and smoking hot sex NUTS is another standout hit from SD Hildreth.


“If you aren’t fucking her,” he said. “Someone else will be. Think about that.”

Joey is a young adult trying to establish a life for herself. Living in an abusive home has been hell for her and the only peace she has found is in the time she has spent with her neighbor Percy aka “P-Nut”. Percy has been her friend over the course of seven years and their time spent hanging out and talking about bikes has given her the inspiration to pursue a career at the local Harley Davidson Dealer. With pressure mounting from her stepfather to move out of the house, Joey increases her efforts to succeed. But even strong independent girls sometimes need a little help from a friend.


“On that morning, during the ride on the loudest motorcycle I’d ever heard, I was normal again. I was no longer that girl. The girl left behind.”

Percy is a hardcore ADD MC member of the Filthy F*ckers. He is easy on the eyes and has no problem getting any woman he wants. As his brothers are beginning to settle down, Percy hasn’t felt any pressure at all to change his ways. But when his sweet neighbor Joey lands herself in some trouble he is more than willing to step up and offer her help. As Joey and Percy spend more time together their friendship transforms into a beautiful romance. Both Joey and Percy have issues trusting people and yet, they are confident in the trust they share with each other. As Joey discovers more of her past, her future with P-Nut becomes more clear. She wants him. P-Nut has never experienced the kind of connection he shares with Joey and as soon as he realizes exactly what they share, he will stop at nothing to make her his.


“His pace increased slightly, taking me to a place where words were no longer able to be used. My mind was a jumbled mess of sexual acts and sensual thoughts. He was fucking his way into my heart, I was sure of it. I could feel it.”

Told in dual POV, NUTS is a moving friends to lovers story with real characters who share the experiences of real life. Love, loss, friendship, pain, and joy color the pages as each moment unfolds. Joey and Percy are both strong characters who have lived through trials that have made them apprehensive about love and when they find peace in each other nothing else matters. I thoroughly enjoyed the transformation of their relationship throughout the story and as their emotional connection grows stronger the intimacy between them becomes unbreakable. The diversity of the supporting characters greatly enhances the story as they offer friendship and loyalty to Joey and P-Nut. I was especially drawn to Percy’s Mom. Her loving touch warmed my heart and once again Hildreth craftily weaves the importance of family into his story. Family, love, loyalty and friendship are all essential elements in the Filthy F*ckers Series and combined with the action and complex characters solidify this series an absolute must read for MC Romance fans.


Overall, NUTS is another winning creation by SD Hildreth. His writing is unique due to its realistic characters and real life circumstances in which they live. Hildreth characters are not flowery or living in a fantasy. They are raw, they are real, and in this case a little NUTS! I highly recommend this series to all of my MC LOVIN’ fans!




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